Captain America : Civil War: Film Review – The Superhero War We Deserve

Verdict: An extraordinary Avengers movie in the guise of a Captain film

Marvel has proved time and again that it has got the formula right when it comes to superhero team-ups and stand-alone movies. There have been some misses here and there; but more hits than misses for sure. With their track record, you already know that you are in for a treat as soon as you enter the theaters. 

Captain America movies have always been pivotal to the grand storyline that Marvel has charted out. This movie is no different. The trailers barely scratch the surface of all that this movie is. Based on the comics’ storyline, which was released in 2006-2007, of the same name, Captain America – Civil War is a treat for all the superhero fans out there.

Captain America: Civil War - BookMyShowThe movie starts with a flashback about a mission that Bucky (Sebastian Stan) carried out for Hydra. He is shown to be brainwashed, a popular Hydra technique. In present day, Steve Rogers (Chis Evans) is leading his team on a defensive mission against a group who is trying to steal a bio-weapon. They carry out the mission successfully, but not without innocent casualties. This leads the Secretary of the State, Thaddeus Ross (William Hurt) in collaboration with the King of Wakanda, a sovereign state in Africa and the United Nations to issue the Sokovia Accords, which enables them to keep a check on the enhanced humans. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), on the other hand is gripped by the guilt of what happened in New York and Sokovia. The issue seems like a minor difference of opinion until the Sokovia Accords conference is bombed and Bucky is the primary suspect.

The movie is excellently paced and the Russo brothers have done an expert job of portraying the very serious subject without belittling it with the ever-popular Marvel humor and wit. The action scenes are intense and in honor of this being a Captain America movie, they have stuck to hand-to-hand combat for most part of the film. The 17-minute airport sequence is flawless with its share of humor and some enthralling action sequences.

The action-packed movie has also taken care to explore each character in depth, a chance we felt cheated out of in Age of Ultron. You might go in supporting your favorite superhero in this battle, but you will come out not knowing which side you support anymore. The subject is dealt with so expertly and there are so many sides to it that it becomes a tad difficult to pick sides, a problem even the Earth’s mighty heroes face. The question – how do they move on from this magnitude of a fight – is subtly answered in one of the sequences where Black Widow asks Hawkeye, “We’re still friends, right?” Hawkeye replies, “It depends on how hard you hit” proves that all is not lost yet.

Why You Should Watch This Movie: 

Watch it for the action-packed sequences, which are going to leave your jaw scraping the floor. Watch it for the signature Marvel humor, which will make you laugh out loud. Watch it for the superhero who has recently returned to us (you know who we are talking about). Watch it for the Russo Duo’s magic on-screen. Watch it for Stan Lee’s awesome cameo. Watch it!

P.S There is a mid-credits scene and a post-credits scene (You’re welcome).

Release Date: 06 May, 2016
Language: English
Director: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
Cast & Crew: Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olsen, Leslie Bibb, Paul Rudd, Anthony Mackie, Jeremy Renner, Paul Bettany, Sebastian Stan, Tom Holland, Emily VanCamp, Daniel Bruhl, Frank Grillo, Chadwick Boseman, Stan Lee, Don Cheadle, William Hurt
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