Captain America: The newest Disney princess?

The first teaser trailer for Disney’s Cinderella reboot finally made its way online, this weekend. Viewers who clicked the link were in for a bit of a surprise. Why? Well, no one expected to see Captain America in the teaser!

The official YouTube channel for Walt Disney Studios, Ireland, posted the 16-second clip for Cinderella. However, the video was actually the teaser for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which released earlier this year. Unfortunately, the only thing the two films have in common is Hayley Atwell, who stars in both.

The decades of suspended animation make us believe that Captain America‘s more of a Sleeping Beauty than a Cinderella, though!

The real teaser was eventually showcased, giving us a glimpse into the Cinderella reboot. The live-action film takes us through the life of Ella (Lily James), who is left at the mercy of a cruel and jealous stepmother when her father passes away. When she crosses paths with the charming Kit (Richard Madden), hope is restored. Cinderella hopes to attend the ball where she can meet him again. This doesn’t work out too well, as her stepmother forbids her from going and even rips apart her dress! But help appears in the form of a compassionate beggar-woman (Helena Bonham-Carter), a pumpkin and some mice! Will Cinderella’s life change forever? We’ll just have to wait and watch!

Here’s a look at the first teaser trailer for Cinderella:

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