Celebrate Holi Bollywood Style

If there’s one thing Bollywood has taught us, it is how to celebrate any occasion with great pomp and show. Be it wedding ceremonies, festivals, random parties or even holidays, it has to have some Bollywood tadka in it. Hindi cinema has redefined celebration, setting standards and expectations out of every occasion. Anything short of that is a flop show. The upcoming festival of Holi promises another dhamakedar celebration, with actions and pointers from several Hindi movies. From style guides, to dance moves, to romantic gestures, Bollywood has given us all we need to have a rocking and colorful Holi! Here are some tips to a celebrate the festival Bollywood-style: 

1. Wear White
Holi is the festival to get down and dirty. And what can get dirtier than white fabric? Buy new clothes for your Holi party, but do not spend too much, as you are not likely to wear the outfit ever again. The celebration will totally be worth it. Kyunki daag acche hai! 
Holi celebration in Baghban - BookMyShow
2. Shake a Leg
Every Bollywood-style celebration calls for a Bollywood-style dance. So, get on the floor, shake that body and dance till you drop! To make it even more Bollywood, have synchronized dance steps with your pals.
Holi celebration in Action Replay - BookMyShow
3. Make an Entrance
The party cannot start without you! Enter with some Bollywood swag to ensure every eye is on you. The best way to do that is to walk in in your own Bollywood-inspired outfit, with your friends right behind you.
Holi celebration in Mohabbatein - BookMyShow
4. Celebrate with the Crowd
Dancing is more fun when you’re in a crowd! This Holi, meet new people and dance together to the best Holi playlist. If you ever run into them again, best put your head down and go the other way.
Holi celebration in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani - BookMyShow
5. Be the Centre of Attention
The crowd should not take the attention from you. Bring out your best dance moves and keep the party going at your rhythm and beat.
Holi celebration in Sholay - BookMyShow
6. Drink Bhaang
Lock up your alcohol; Holi is all about getting high on bhaang. It is a lot more fun and completely legal. A glass or two will get you on the dance floor busting your best moves!
Celebration in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan - BookMyShow
7. Let Your Hair Down 
Literally! Leave your hair uncovered and unprotected, and whip that shiny mop back and forth, all around, for the best Bollywood effect. 
Holi celebration in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani - BookMyShow
8. Express your Feelings
Another advantage of bhaang is that it will take all that low self-confidence out of you. Make sure you party with your crush and tell them how you feel. Even rejection feels better with bhaang
Holi celebration in Issaq - BookMyShow
9. Get Intimate with your SO/Spouse
In case you already have a partner, this is your best shot to bring out your sexy, Bollywood-inspired dance moves with them. If judgmental Aunty is watching, just give her a glass of bhaang!
Holi celebration in Waqt: The Race against Time - BookMyShow
10. Flirt with Someone Else’s SO/spouse
Bollywood says that it is completely okay to flirt with another person’s crush, date or spouse during Holi. Especially when you have one of your own! Nothing will feel better than your partner’s jealous face when they see you dirty dancing with someone else.
Holi celebration in Silsila - BookMyShow
11. Be a Wing Man/Woman
Holi is India’s version of Valentine’s Day. It is our day of love, romance, hook-ups and break-ups. If you are unsuccessful in love, help a friend get lucky!
Holi celebration in Mohabbatein - BookMyShow
12. Rekindle the Old Romance
Celebration has no age. Use Holi’s romantic atmosphere to rekindle the romance with an ex-flame or your partner of several years. 
Holi celebration in Baghban - BookMyShow
13. Bury the Hatchet 
Holi is fun when you celebrate with friends and even better when you’re with ‘frenemies’! If they annoy you, you can always douse them with your pichkaari or throw a water balloon at their face.
Holi celebration in Gulaab Gang - BookMyShow
14. Play the Dhol
This is a Holi tradition passed down across generations in Bollywood movies. Have a guy you friend-zoned play the dhol and you and your friends can dance to its crazy beats!
Holi celebration in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani - BookMyShow
15. Chance pe Dance
Take full advantage of everyone’s enjoyment and distraction to hide in one of the rooms with your crush or partner. Even if you get caught, blame it on the bhaang!
Holi celebration in Ramleela - BookMyShow
16. Throw Gulaal in the Air and at Others
This is the go-to move to flirt with your crush. Pretend to throw gulaal all around, sneakily hide some in your palms and cover his/her face with the colored powder. Holi is the only time that does not seem creepy! 
Holi celebration in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani - BookMyShow


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