What if celebrities turn Chief Ministers!

He might have done what was deemed to be untenable till date. With assuming power in a very short span of time, he has certainly emerged as the new face of Indian politics. And while we all rest our hopes of a corruption-free nation on the fragile shoulders of this man, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, it is the universe of social media which is not being too pleasant with him. After Rajnikanth and Aloknath, Kejriwal is the target of the trollers. As funny as these memes may sound, we assume that Kejriwal has indeed turned the tables as far as politics goes. The spontaneous rise of the Aam Aadmi Party and all the blunders his “experimental” government has been doing, it is easy to say, “to err is Kejriwal”, and hope to get away with it. 

Now that we have entered 2014, we shall see the pompous prep and spicy speeches that the contenders for the post of the PM will fling at us. The same old “Har ghar mein ujilaya lana aur har nal se nikalta paani” speeches will be heard on every nook and cranny of the country. Every state shall gaily or otherwise elect their beloved candidate to the seat of CM. But we would rather like to make this a tad entertaining. We take a sneak-peek to see what would happen if celebs were to be the CM of our state! We have seen a trailer through the celebs who have been a part of the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha in the past, but it shall make for a full-length feature film on a 70mm screen, if the following were to be the future CMs of our state.

(When it comes to contesting any competition, we are not to leave behind the Khan’s of the top ranking.)

Shah Rukh Khan


With King Khan assuming CM’s post, we are more likely to see an increase in the entertainment quotient. Taxes will rise and producers will philander. We will see rise in stage shows. Having a celeb attend the weddings and a Bollywood dance show at all the weddings will become a compulsion. He will add few more wings to Mannat and make it his fortress.

Aamir Khan


He will most definitely drill his MPs till he sees the matter through. He will get down to the nitty-gritty and is likely to keep a check or perhaps will himself supervise the city and state drainage and electricity issues. But when it will comes to entertainment, he is most likely to levy heavy prices on the sale of his movie tickets. Perchance he will tone down the tax but no evading the ticket price!

Salman Khan


With Sallu miyaan becoming CM, we will most likely see the state borrowing heavily from the central bank or perhaps even the World Bank. As generous as he is, he shall bestow the wealth towards the welfare of the citizens. We are sure to see the drainage problems sorted, electricity issues dealt with, potholes disappear from the streets of the city, but we may also see that the generosity will eat up our contingency funds as well! And his whims might add a tad too much to the generosity factor…

(Moving on to other celebs…)

Anil Kapoor


He was our “ek divsacha Mukhyamantri” but if he was to be CM for the tenure of five years he would possibly apply all that he enacted in the film (Nayak). Every other Government official will be terminated and those in the private sector will heave a sigh of relief since they are not a part of government mercenary. It is understood that Kapoor has been a source of inspiration for Kejriwal but apart from implementing the acts from the film, he might just do the disappearing act when something like un-Adarsh happens. After all, he is our only Mr. India!

Hrithik Roshan


If this Greek God of B-Town was to sit on the chair of a CM, he is most likely to do the Rohit Mehra act or it will be Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar. Since he is proactive when it comes to these two roles, we are sure we will see yet another historical film portrayed on the political podium.

Sonam Kapoor


She might have learnt a tad from her father’s film Nayak, but this mademoiselle has made an image for herself as a fashionphile Khalnayika. With her assuming the post of a CM, boutiques will multiply in the city so much so that even anti-National elements are likely to find one in their terrain! Fashion designers will get tax exemption but the cost of our daily parlor treatments shall rise, and taxes will be levied on the cosmetics. This can be a nightmare for every woman! And considering her habit of bad-mouthing most people, she is less likely to bask in the popularity amongst the fellow cabinet ministers.



If Rajini dheva was to be the CM of the state, the day after he takes the oath, our state will assume the status of a superpower!

Albeit this is a figment of imagination, if this was to turn into reality then we are likely to see the trend of “experimental” government turn into a fashion fad!

Your thoughts on this?

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1 Comment

  1. Mishanthrope

    January 26, 2014 at 1:00 am

    How about Mithunda?
    It would be incredibly awesome if it were mandatory to watch Gunda multiple times a day, to live and die by it.

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