Celebs and their weird pets

Dog-lovers never fail to expound on how dogs are the perfect pets as they are man’s best friends. Cat-lovers are all about how cats are the most adorable pets. There are people who like both dogs and cats. And then there are those who take the man-animal affiliation to a whole new level. For these "animal pundits", dogs and cats as pets are just too mainstream. They think out-of-the-box and they choose out-of-the-box. Talk to them about how your dog or cat is an adorable pet and you get an elongated meh! Talk to them about unconventional (read: strange or scary) pets like pythons, tigers, kangaroos, monkeys and kinkajous- and you hit gold!

Paris Hilton’s kinkajou
Yes, you read it right. Paris Hilton had a pet kinkajou (“honey bear”). But wait, there’s more! Her kinkajou was named Baby Luv. But the kinkajou’s love for her wasn’t exactly unconditional. For Baby Luv bit her on the arm once, and no, she wasn’t very forgiving. The emergency room doctor had to bear her rants and expletives about her ‘beloved’ monkey. Paris has had a menagerie of exotic animals but a tree-dwelling mammal called a kinkajou (which doesn’t need a pronoun because it is fun to say kinkajou again and again) has been the most queer. 
Mike Tyson’s tigers
The king of the boxing ring once owned several Royal Bengal tigers. Reports of the number of tigers he owned vary, but the very fact that he had tigers is well…scary! That’s quite a regal choice for pets, or fanatical to be precise. He also used to pay an exorbitant $4000 a month for their upkeep. Sadly for him (and thankfully for his aquaintances), he had to give up the tigers for not having the proper paperwork for them. 
Reese Witherspoon’s donkeys
Reese Witherspoon, who has charmed us with her acting time and again, owns two animals that have been made synonymous with idiots. However, for the Oscar winner her beloved pets are nothing short of amazing. Talk about irrevocable love.
 Elvis Presley’s ‘animal farm’
The King was quite the pet owner. Elvis’ pet collection at his Graceland mansion included a monkey, a kangaroo, spider monkeys, peacocks, chickens, pigs, poodles, and a Great Pyrenees dog called Muffin. Elvis had a chow chow dog called "Get Low" in the seventies who outlived his master by a year. 
Leonardo Di Caprio’s tortoise 
While the world was debating why this supremely talented individual had never been nominated for an Academy Award, Mr. Di Caprio was buying his new pet; a 200-pound Sulcata tortoise. The year was 2010. 5 years later, nothing has changed. Di Caprio still hasn’t received an Oscar nomination. And he still has a pet tortoise!
Miley Cyrus and her Bubba
Bacon for breakfast, pork chops for lunch and sausages for dinner equals a sumptuous meal. But not at Miley Cyrus’ house. A pig serves a different purpose for Cyrus. Her pet pig Bubba Sue is quite the rockstar. Miley has even gone as far as posing nude with her pet pig for the cover of Paper magazine to promote her Happy Hippie Foundation. So, as per Cyrus, if you make a stink, it better be for a good cause.

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