Celebs Who are Horrible Neighbours

Ever heard that quote “Like them’ don’t live with them”? No? Well, now you did. We’re all secretly in relationships with our favorite Hollywood actors. However, in your head, it’s good to keep that limited to a few dates. Don’t move in with these guys because the following people are downright nasty to live with. While we all have a few tantrums of our own to throw and our fair share of neighbors we hate, these A-list celebs redefine the term “bad neighbour”. With a long list of misdemeanors, these folks may be fine actors, but fine next-door neighbors they are not! Read on to find out more:

James Franco

James Franco, who has a notorious history of run-ins with the law, is nothing close to being a fine neighbor. The actor has actually turned his house into a functioning production house. We’re all for bringing your work home, but not at the cost of others. He is known to block driveways, hold noisy meetings in his yard and makes his neighbors feel weird as they walk to their cars.

Justin Bieber

Not everyone’s favorite guy surely, Bieber is one messed up bloke sometimes. His house in California was raided after the teen star egged his neighbor’s house. Not cool, bro; not cool at all.

Chris Brown

Given all of his other misdeeds, it comes as no surprise that Chris Brown regularly held dog races in an apartment corridor, and parked in designated handicapped spots.

Robert Downey Jr.

How would you react to a stranger sleeping on your couch? You wouldn’t be very ecstatic for sure. In 1996, Downey Jr., who was under the influence of alcohol, decided to take a quick nap in his neighbor’s house. As he was being taken away by cops, he also made funny faces at the family.

Sean Connery

The suave Bond star isn’t quite the gentleman off screen. Connery regularly tried to run a couple out of the six storeyed-townhouse he shared with them. He never paid maintenance, and was described in court, papers as a “rude, foul-mouthed, fat old man”.

Hesiod said, “A bad neighbor is a misfortune as much as a good one is a great blessing.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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