Crossing Bridges: Film Review – Coming home has never looked this good

Films have been known to follow a set formula and if you stick to it, you have a hit on your hands. But there are times when someone decides to take a step off the beaten path. A shot in a dark, sort of. A risky venture, perhaps and then sparks fly. You get to watch a unique film made with passion and the journey of exploration begins. Such is the case with Crossing Bridges. Written and directed by Sange Dorjee Thongdok, the film gets under your skin and you are filled up with a whole new perspective. A truly human and real story about the life of a young man. This film will captivate you with an intricate story and sublime beauty of Arunachal Pradesh. 

The story revolves around a young man named Tashi who has lost his job in the big city and is returning home. We get to see a corner of the world so rarely visited that it will seem otherworldly and odd. However, the sheer beauty of the spaces depicted will transport you right in your seat. In your mind’s eye, the visuals will be sheared. Coming back to Tashi, he returns home and he is now lost. The world that he grew up in seems to be alien to him. While he struggles to find balance and his feet, he soon realizes that his family needs him. As a young man, he must then choose, a life where he struggles to get by or a life worth living. And all this while, around him, the days and nights tumble. He realizes that there is beauty and hope all around him, all he needs to do is look and feel. 
The film is difficult to categorize. This is a human story that makes no bones about the lives of expatriates. Often in the hope of a better future, they sacrifice their roots and past. However, sooner or later, they all have to come home at least once. This film captures just those thoughts. The title, Crossing Bridges also holds a certain relevance. The classic idiom is referred here. The story is not given the standard treatment of gloss and veneer. It is straight-forward and yet you will not be able to guess the next scene. As you experience the movie, you will be stunned by the absolute beauty of this wonderful state and its people. There are some very pertinent questions also posed, not just to the main character but to the audience as well. You will be left feeling whole and complete at the end of the film, but you know that such a film is a snapshot in a lifetime. The real story might just be around the corner. Just across a bridge, so to speak. 
Why should you watch this film? 
This isn’t a powerful film about shouting and classic story elements. It is a tale, a journey, a confession, an in-depth look at forgotten worlds and a story about returning to one’s roots. Set in one of the most beautiful places in our country, you can almost feel like the scenery is another character in the film. The movie makes you reflect about identity and how we can best be ourselves. A simple story with a complex subject. Watch it and let the world pass you by. 

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