Old Formula, New Actors 

[Rating: 2.5]

Director: Swapna Waghmare Joshi

Cast & Crew: Himesh Reshammiya, Purbi Joshi, Sonal Sehgal, Rajesh Khattar, Lily Patel

Synopsis: Damadamm! is about Sameer (Himesh Reshammiya) who has finally got his long-awaited freedom when his stubby-girlfriend Shikha (Purbi Joshi) leaves for a family wedding. He feels like the happiest person in the world, and makes merry like there is no tomorrow by partying, drinking and flirting with other girls. He enjoys his freedom while he can, until Shikha returns.

Review: Himesh Reshammiya is back, this time not as a heart-broken wannabe rockstar but as a star-employee in a film distribution company who has a Midas touch of sorts. So as to say, he predicts which film shall bring in all the profits and it inevitably always does! It is a little unreal, but he’s the ‘hero’, the ‘good one’. Our male protagonist, Sameer (Himesh Reshammiya) plays a simpleton committed to Shikha (Purbi Joshi) who works with him in the same office, and nags him for the smallest of things namely looking at another girl or smiling at her and so on and so forth.

Sameer is confused, he is almost hen-pecked by the woman in his life and craves freedom from her, and when he acquires it, he goes berserk enjoying every minute of it. From going clubbing to making passes at random girls (who in a normal situation, will not giggle back), and smiling at everyone he sees at work especially his female counterparts. In other words, indulge in everything that his girlfriend, Shikha does not appreciate and nags him about. Shikha heads to her hometown for a family function but does not tire of calling her boyfriend every few hours to check on him. Enter Sanjana (Sonal Sehgal), Sameer’s boss’s (Rajesh Khattar) sister who has to come in to the office to learn the distribution business and ‘coincidentally’ starts working with Sameer on the same movie leading to a good, strong bond of friendship.

The script is nothing that we have not seen before, it is unreal at places especially a situation such as two good-looking girls falling for the same, read: simple guy and the guy is choosing the middle ground until he apparently tires of his committed relationship and wants to move on, only to have another relationship ready for him. Himesh Reshammiya has tried his hand at acting again, but this time it wasn’t a very bad effort. Although I would still maintain that he makes fantastic music that has got him all his fans and followers hence he should do that more often. The songs in the movie are average, the Madhushala, Umrao Jaan songs are worth a mention. Purbi Joshi is exceptionally good, it was a treat watching her on the big screen after the long innings on television. Sonal Sehgal is pretty, it was unfortunate she did not have much to do in the film considering she has spent considerable time in the entertainment industry.

The movie was entirely predictable, however what was unlikeable was how Sameer realizes he still loves Shikha after their break-up and then patch-up with the other girl, Sanjana. Shikha invested her savings in a flat that Sameer wished to buy and asked a well-meaning real estate agent, played by Lily Patel, to stay mum about the deal. The question arises, whether Sameer finds his feelings re-surfacing only after he learnt about Shikha’s sacrifice? And why did the audience see a demonized version of an almost saintly girl in the first half? The loopholes were not effectively covered hence the effort put in the movie does not come off perfectly.  

Verdict: Typical rom-com, Himesh Reshammiya fans will particularly enjoy the film. 

Saumya Sharma

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  1. Sid

    October 30, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    Its fulon Bakwass movie, i don’t knw why the hell director suggest to take Himesh Reshmaiya to be a HERO in Movie. Its so Dumb in acting je is back, he is laughing, even he is smileing What the hell no rating only for this movie only

  2. Rachel

    November 1, 2011 at 6:29 pm

    Your, Right Sid M wit u

  3. siddhant

    November 10, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    ok ok movie not much exciting nothing new overall one time watch movie

  4. Billu Bakara...

    November 11, 2011 at 11:31 am

    Ya as we all know that he is not able to act as compare to other superstar….but tum logo ko kisni kaha ja ke uski movie dekho….saalo ek to bechare ne itne paise karach kar ke movie banayi aur tumare jaise 50 rupees ki ticket leke uska mazzak bana lete ho…

    • Sid

      November 25, 2011 at 2:20 pm

      Abe salle billu bakra tera ko himesh ka pasand aya ha kya ……

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