The movie starts with an Egyptian desert. A tourist bus zips past the screen and quite a few tourists get down to revel in the sight that is the Pyramid of Giza. A kid plays with his airplane and is too busy to notice that he has crossed the ‘Restricted Area’ tape. Mommy realizes it a bit too late while she’s busy taking pictures of Daddy ‘lifting the pyramid’. The kid runs over a few ledges, at the top of which policemen finally catch up to him and stop him. But the kid is not to be deterred and he steps backward away from the policemen, loses his balance and falls off the top right on to the pyramid … and bounces back after the Pyramid suddenly acts like a trampoline. BREAKING NEWS: ‘The Pyramid of Giza’ has been stolen and everyone’s wondering ‘Who is the Villain and where will he strike next?’

Enter Gru, walking down the street, taking in the surroundings and feeling very happy. He notices a poor boy crying because the ice-cream from his cone has fallen down. Gru smiles and blows a balloon and then bends and folds it to the shape of a poodle and hands it to the boy. The boy loves it and is hugging it dearly when Gru pulls out a pin and blows it in his face. Now the smile on Gru’s face is one of Satisfaction.

Meet Gru. He is the villain who aspires to the best known villain on the face of the Earth. He is the one who is (in)famous for stealing the big monitor screen from Times Square, the Statue of Liberty – from Vegas and the Eiffel Tower – also from Vegas. He now wishes to make his name forever by stealing the moon. However, he has a competitor: Vector. Vector is responsible for stealing the Pyramid of Giza and the ‘Bank of Evil’ won’t give him a loan for his plan to steal the moon because they consider him too old for it. But Gru has a second opinion. He adopts three little girls to help him along with his nefarious plan little knowing that this is also going to alter his ‘plans for life’.

Steve Carell, as always, brings out the best in the character with an accurate sense of comic timing. The minions in the movie are a funny lot and they come along all the time to make sure that you are kept entertained. The girls are a cute lot, the cutest being the youngest one, and all three of them combined do give you a feel of the PowerPuff girls, in a nice way, of course. The plot is well developed, with no unwanted scene, and it takes you on a ride which you wish would never end. The first half of the movie has a whole lot of funny scenes and dialogues which will make your jaws hurt, make you cry out of sheer laughter, and will leave you with your sides aching. Having popcorn and soft-drinks during this one is strongly NOT recommended.

For anyone who thinks that villainy is all about gory stuff, well, you’ve got another think coming.


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  1. Ram

    August 5, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    It’s very good family entertaining movie.

    Ram Varne

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