Dhanush and his many roles!

 It’s one thing to be versatile and it’s another thing to be  drawn into the character, and the actor who manages to do both is – Dhanush. A national award winner, Dhanush is fast becoming a bankable leading man in films. And with his latest release, Shamitabh, there seems to be no stopping him in Bollywood as well.  With his latest film Anegan releasing this week, we look back at the different avatars played by Dhanush.

1. Kadhal Kondein (2003)
Memorable dialogue: ”Divya.. nee mattum yenna vittu pogadhe Divya. Yenaku yarume ille Divya…neeyum illena nan sethirven Divya.”
Capitalizing on his boyish charm, the actor reprised the role of Vinod – an introvert who turns into a psychopath who is completely obsessed with his classmate Divya (Sonia Aggarwal). The audience took notice of this actor after his ground-breaking performance in this genre-defying movie.
2. Pudhupettai (2006)
Memorable dialogue: ”Kumar’uu…Kokki Kumar’uu
What does a goon/gangster look like?  He must have a beefed-up look, heavy muscles and the main criteria – the person must be over-weight. Dhanush set new definitions of a gangster. Even though he possessed none of these qualities, Dhanush proved everybody wrong by giving an authoritative performance and bowled everybody over. Dhanush’s character Kokki Kumar became a household name and so did his colloquial Madras slang.
3. 3 (2012)
Memorable Song: ”Why this Kolaveri-Kolaveri-di?”
Although this movie didn’t cut any ice with us, Dhanush’s powered performance totally bowled us over! He made us forget that he is Dhanush and compelled us into believing that he is truly a person suffering from a bipolar disorder.
4. VIP (2014)
Memorable dialogue: “Amul Baby… Raghuvaran-ah villain ah thaan paathuruppa.. Inime hero-vah paapay
Dhanush’s 25th movie was all about celebrating the image of the actor and making his character of the ‘angry young man’ appeal to the masses. The mystique and charisma that we expect from a ambitious man was all there within Dhanush a.k.a Raghuvaran.
5. Anegan (2015)
Memorable Song: ”Danga Maari Oodhari..”
After casting a spell on the audience by playing the role of an ‘angry young man’ in last year’s super-hit film VIP, Dhanush is all set to play yet another interesting role.  This time it’s for his upcoming film. From what we’ve seen in the trailer, it looks like Dhanush will play 4 different characters in this film.

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