Dialogues that determine film’s story

The observants shall notice that stories in Bollywood revolve around the same topic. And the strength of the storyline rests on the shoulders of the dialogues. The dialogues carry such weightage that they determine the entire plot of the film.

We list the most wilful dialogues used in Hindi cinema that have been responsible to carry the burden of the film’s story to its destination.
"Maa mujhe naukri mil gayi hai" – The hero comes running to his mother with this news. He is so elated that he picks her up and swirls her around followed by “Ab hum apni Munni ka byah kar sakte hain, Maaaaa…” The story then revolves around the struggles of the young boy with his job, taking care of Munni’s shaadi and other sundry responsibilities.
"Main aaj bhi pheke hue paise nahi uthata" – The story usually is about a rebellious boy who falls for a rich man’s daughter but will still rebel against the girl’s father and it always has to be for the good of the underpriviledged masses he is attached to.
"Kumbh ke mele mein bichade" – The twins or siblings separated in the biggest fair/mela held in India. The story is prominently used in many films where the siblings with rhyming names “Ram aur Shyam”, “Seeta aur Geeta” are separated and years later reunited at another place, in another situation.
"Main kahan hoon?" – The hero is in love with the heroine. Both tell their families about their affair. Families accept but just before the impending marriage ceremony, the guy gets into a terrible accident and loses his memory! The doctor walks out of the patient’s chamber saying “Inki yaadasht chali gayi hai”, the bride to-be, still dressed in the garb of a bride (crimson red choli and ghagra), bursts out wailing “Nahiiiiiii”.
"Maa ka doodh piya hai toh saamne aa" – A dare given to the villain by the hero. The hero is standing in the villain’s den and asking him to fight. This usually happens during the film’s climax where the hero wins the fight, earns respect of the masses (the oppressed masses in the film and those watching the film in the theatre) while the police arrives late (as usual) and takes away the beaten up villain.
"Hum dono ko duniya ki koi taakat juda nahi kar sakti" – The immortal love stories! (*sigh*) The conviction in the hero’s words is such that the audience is hooked. They (audience) want the hero to get the girl. The chase to get the lovers together, the fight against the opposing parents and the villains makes up a beautiful love story. The film is hence a super hit!
"Main tumhare bachhe ki maa banne waali hoon" – Hero’s sister is in love with a guy, he impregnates her but refuses to marry her. Now the hero pledges to avenge his sister’s and khandan ki izzat. This makes up for a fantastic storyline!
"Bade-bade desho main aisi chhoti-chhoti baatein hoti rehti hai" – The girl and guy meet in Pardes and fall in love. The family opposes initially but after the hero is beaten up by the prospective groom chosen for the heroine, the parents realize that the guy who can bear being beaten up black and blue, all for the girl, shall protect her forever and then that moment “Jaa Simran jaa, jee le apni zindagi…” happens. (Note: This dialogue is not most commonly used but is still chosen as a representation for the 21st century love stories.)
These were a few epic dialogues that have successfully determined the film’s storyline but although they are not used anymore, the stories still beat around the same bush with a tad eased-out approach.

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  1. Rakesh Priya

    June 26, 2013 at 11:59 am

    Sidhi, I was simply floored by your post ! I kept laughing for a long while especially at ‘ Kumbh ke meley mein bichade ‘. The current generation with instant access to mobile phones and internet may not relate to this dialogue but we of slightly older vintage always relished this genre of movies, with its predictable twists and the celebrated reunion.

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