Why Disney’s Frozen is a Must-Watch?

We insist on you watching Disney’s Frozen simply because it’s your gateway to unlimited happiness joy and happy tears.

There’s nothing quite like having a good cry. Catharsis as they call it, is therapeutic. They say that the best things come in small packages. And in simply 108 minutes Frozen, manages to fill you with so much love and warmth that you simply can’t handle.

So here are a couple of reasons why we highly recommend you to watch Frozen. We’re doing this for Frozen because it deserves it, a lot more than all the masala crap that released over last weekend. There’s a possibility that it’s off cinema listings now. Nevertheless, please download it and watch it.

Regardless of how much we avoid it, how much we run away from it, how much we curse it, we all know that love makes the world go round. And love is definitely not a bed of roses. Love is a lot about sacrifices and putting other’s needs before your own.

Warning: Spoilers!

Here are our reasons:

A Beautiful Ode to Sisterhood

The two princesses, Anna and Elsa, share a special bond. Whilst engaging in ‘playtime’, Elsa who is endowed with a special gift accidentally harms her sister with it. Anna collapses and becomes unconscious. Fearing the power of her gift, she shuts herself from her own sibling, whom she loves, only so that she can protect her.  In return Anna does something unbelievable, as she takes a certain step to save her sister from death itself.

The Trolls

The trolls are small and cute looking, balls of stone. They’re short and stout but their wisdom knows no bounds. They know what true love is when they see it. It’s heartwarming to watch them pair Kristoff and Anna together.

Kristoff and Sven

Kristoff and Sven(the reindeer) know each other from the time that they’re little babies. They’re almost like siblings to each other, just like Anna and Elsa, the only difference being, they aren’t of the same species. Despite this major difference, they’re more close to each than Elsa and Anna are to each other.  Their love is beyond language, and more so beyond species.


Whatever nice things are spoken about Olaf will always fall short to describe him. Olaf is the epitome of love. Kristoff comes close, but Olaf through his innocence does certain things and says certain things that portray unconditional love at its best.

There’s a particular time in the film where Anna’s life is in grave danger. Olaf is keeping Anna warm, but at the same time he is is about to melt because he’s standing too close to a fire. Anna instructs him to move away from the fire, but he refuses saying,

Some people are worth melting for.”

Those words, he utters and the way he emotes his unconditional love for Anna, strikes your heart like an arrow. It’s heart-breaking to watch him slowly melt.

Frozen is a film that you must watch if you’re a strong believer in the magic that lay in love. If not for anyone, watch Frozen, for Olaf. He’s sure to melt your heart.

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