As women, we never seem to have enough shoes. Even if that closet refuses to shut. We just need more. Won’t you agree? Sometimes, we even land up getting bored of some shoes that we once considered fashionable. But letting go is hard. No?

What if you could make them look interesting again? Well, in order to do that, all you need to do is use your creativity and probably some inexpensive material.

If this is something you’d like to consider doing (we’re pretty sure you’d like to DIY), and cannot seem to figure out where to begin, here you go:

Simple and Chic
If you want to make your pair of heels look chic, all you need to do is use small pieces of decoration, like matching tassels.

First, do up your straps and pass the loop of the tassel underneath and pull the main part through.
Simple and Chic - BookMyShow

Spikes Underneath The Shoe
A pair of simple heels can be transformed into something interesting. All you need is some jewelry glue and spikes. Fasten the spikes to the sole with the help of some glue.
Spikes - BookMyShow

Ribbons and Bows
Boring shoes can be made attractive with small bright bows made of multi-colored satin ribbons of different sizes, fixed with the help of a small buckle.
Ribbons - BookMyShow

You could also turn a pair of ordinary ankle boots into a perfect pair of evening shoes by making a bow and attaching it to the back of the boots.
Bow - BookMyShow

A New Color
If you have canvas shoes, you could simply use fabric paint to put them in the ‘To DYE for’ category! Before you go ahead, don’t forget to remove the laces and cover the sole with tape. It might also help if you fill the shoes with newspaper to protect the inside.
A New Color - BookMyShow

Spray/Paint Them
The simplest of shoes can be made more fashionable if you use spray paint. Don’t forget to mask parts where you do not want paint.
Spray - BookMyShow

If you love painting, why not try it on your shoes? It is a great way of showing off your skill and also reviving boring shoes!
Paint - BookMyShow

Party Shoes
You can easily turn your casual pair of Converse shoes into party shoes with a little DIY. Take some glitter, studs and glue (and probably a paint brush for glue application).

Squeeze glue onto a plate; using a paint brush apply glue onto your shoe. Place your shoes in an open box before you sprinkle glitter. Shake the shoe to remove excess glitter.

For the tongue of the shoe, you may want to decorate with studs.
Party Shoes - BookMyShow

Pom Poms
Add pom poms to your footwear to make them look uber cute. You only require pom poms and glue to fasten them. And maybe, some patience.
Pom Poms - BookMyShow

Using snazzy clip-ons and cufflinks are a great, yet non-drastic way to transform shoes. Just clip those pieces to the top, base or middle of your laces.
Jewelry - BookMyShow

Add some glamor to a pair of pumps with the help of a piece of lace, some sequins, rhinestones and glue. First, lay the lace over your shoe, cut out a V-shape with extra room, and loosely hand-stitch sequins to it. Fill the spaces with rhinestones, beads and maybe even buttons. Now, apply the lace to your shoe using glue. And, don’t forget to trim the lace!
Lace - BookMyShow

Ladies, get ready to revamp those shoes!

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