Sometimes, you never want to let go of your favorite pair of jeans even if they are worn out. This is simply because they fit so well and you get too comfortable in them. The next time you reach for them, make sure it is because they look fashionable and chic! Wait. What? Yes! You could still keep those jeans your mother gave you five years ago. All you need to do is use some pocket-friendly supplies to give your jeans a makeover.

Now, you will never look at those jeans the same way again.

Revamp them using these DIY ideas that will make them look trendy:

Sequin Pocket
In order to make these sequined pocket jeans, all you need is a pair of scissors, a needle and matching thread, craft paper, a pencil and sequined fabric.

Sequin - BookMyShow

First, trace the shape of your pocket on craft paper, then cut it out.

Laying the shape onto the sequin fabric, line it up with the grain properly.

Cut out two pocket shapes and place the sequined fabric pieces over the actual pockets, and sew them down.
Sequin - BookMyShow

Here you go!
Sequin - BookMyShow

Turn It Into A Skirt

If you have ill-fitted jeans, this is for you! Take some knit fabric and basic sewing supplies.

Placing your jeans in front of you, even out the sides and cut the jeans in a straight line below the butt pockets, making sure you leave some fabric below them for your seams.

Now, to flatten the area, unpick the centre seam and make the two sides overlap. Following the marks of the original seams, sew the jeans closed again.
Skirt - BookMyShow

Flipping the jeans over, repeat on the other side. If your straight line isn’t as straight anymore on completion, trim it off.
Skirt - BookMyShow

To attach the skirt portion, you would first need measurements. Put your jeans on, and ask a friend to measure from half an inch up from the bottom edge of the denim section down to the desired length. Then add half an inch to that measurement for the seams. This is the height.

Next, measure the circumference of the bottom opening of the jeans and multiply it by 2. This is the width.

Now, fold the fabric in half, sewing the two ends together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Gather up the top edge of the fabric down to the same dimensions as the bottom of the denim section.

Making sure you’re placing the right sides of the jeans and fabric together, sew them. And then sew a zig-zag stitch along the raw edges just to keep them secure.

Turn the skirt right side out and press the fabric gathers flat.
Skirt - BookMyShow

Skirt - BookMyShow

Heart Patterned Jeans
Take some fabric paint, a sponge brush, a heart punch and a piece of cardboard to make this.Heart - BookMyShow

Punch out two hearts on the piece of cardboard, having a distance of about an inch between them.

Put your jeans down in front of you. Placing the punched cardboard on your jeans, take fabric paint on your brush and fill in your stencil.

(Word of caution: Make sure there isn’t too much paint on our brush.)

Repeat on different areas.
Heart - BookMyShow

You’ll <3 your transformed pair of jeans!
Heart - BookMyShow


Get your pliers and some studs ready for this one!

Stud your jeans all the way down the side. Stab them through your jeans and bend the arms using pliers.
Stud - BookMyShow

Caution: Bend the arms of the studs really well. You would not want scratches on your skin when you wear your jeans!

Stud central, baby!
Studs - BookMyShow

If you have a white pair of jeans, this is fun-to-do. All you need is some dye and a sponge brush.

Placing your jeans down, use the sponge brush to paint strokes. Begin with the lightest color and move on to the darker shades.
Dye - BookMyShow

Once the front side is complete, let it dry. Then, repeat on the back side.

Go ahead, try it on!
Dye - BookMyShow


Get messy! Take some white acrylic paint, pink and black fabric paint and brushes.
Paint - BookMyShow

Lathering the large brush with white acrylic, splatter it over your boyfriend jeans.

Now, paint a tree skeleton using black paint.

With different shades of pink add on some cherry blossoms.
Paint - BookMyShow

You go, girlfriend!
Paint - BookMyShow

Lace Jeans
You only need 1/4th yard of lace, tweezers, tailor’s chalk and basic sewing supplies.
Lace - BookMyShow

First, determine where you want the lace. Once you have, cut out patches and a slit that is an inch above and below the patch.

With the slits you cut, use your tweezers to pluck out loose threads.

The fabric you cut out serves as a template for your lace. Measure 1 inch from the sides and 2 inches above and below the piece to cut your lace inserts.

Turning your jeans inside out, sew down the lace.

Now, use your tweezers to distress the edges around the lace. Pull and pluck to expose more white.
Lace - BookMyShow

Go rock the feminine distressed pair!
Lace - BookMyShow

Cut Outs

Here, you require a marker and a pair of scissors.

Draw the shape of the cut-out about two inches from the bottom of the jeans.

Cut along the bottom, the top and along the side seam. Make sure not to cut the seam because this holds the cut out together.
Cut-Out - BookMyShow

With your marker, trace the cut-out shape on the inside and use that as a guideline to cut the opposite side.
Cut-Out - BookMyShow

Simple, isn’t it?
Cut-Outs - BookMyShow

Crochet Cutoffs
You need cutoffs, basic sewing supplies and a doily.

First, cut the doily in half.

Flip your shorts inside out before you pin the flat edge of the doily to the cutoffs. Make sure the curved part lines up with the edge of the cutoffs.

Now, turn the shorts and cut an inverted V in the jeans from the bottom to the seam on the side. Let the doily peek out.

Flipping the shorts inside out again, sew doily. Now turn them so they are not inside out.

Pair it with a bikini or crop top and head to the beach.
Crochet Cutoffs - BookMyShow

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