All of us women are endowed with different body shapes. Some us of are blessed with slim bodies, while some of us are more generously blessed. Most of us keep ranting about how fat we are and how we want to lose weight and we even go to the extent of dieting. While that is okay, skipping meals isn’t. So, for those who have graciously accepted their bodies and who eat what they want to, here’s some good advice to help them look their best. A little knowledge about your body shape and the way to dress it goes a long way in making you feel confident about your body. Accentuating your best bits and smartly hiding your less-perfect features, also speaks volumes about your dressing sense. So, here is our guide to identifying your body shape and dressing accordingly.

Firstly, stand in front of a mirror and examine your body. Stop looking at your problem areas and concentrate on your body as a whole. Most of us belong to either one of these below shapes. 


You scream perfect from every inch. A proportionate body from top to bottom with a small waist. Your bust line and hip line are equal in width.

Do`s: Choose clothing that enhances your curves.  

Wear belts, high-waisted trousers and skinny jeans.

Wrap-around dresses with a V-neck also make for a good option. They wrap around your body, defining your curves and the V-neck accentuates your bust area. Wearing a good bra to showcase your bust is also essential.

Opt for A-line skirts and pencil skirts. 

Don’ts: You have a flattering figure, so don`t wear anything baggy or loose, unless of course you’re in the mood for comfort dressing.


You have a heavier upper body and a slimmer lower body. Your weight is concentrated either on your bust area or your midriff, but below your hips, you are on the narrower side.

Do’s: You have great legs, so try to direct attention there by wearing skirts.

Also draw attention to your bust line by wearing a V-necked tops.

Wear empire tops and dresses that conceal your midriff bulge.

Don’ts: Avoid belts and dresses that pinch at your waist. They will showcase curves that you may not wish to show.


You are the opposite of an apple-shaped woman. You have a heavier lower body and your bust area is smaller than your hips. 

Do’s: Draw attention to your upper body by wearing boat-necked tops and cowl necks, which enhance your shoulders.

Keep the hem of your skirts, pants and dresses wide to balance your hips.

Wear heels to elongate your legs.

Don’ts: Draw attention away from your lower body by not wearing tight cargo pants and prints.

Rectangle/Ruler-shaped: Your shoulders, waist and hips are all about the same width. You probably aren’t blessed with curves, but you are endowed with an athletic slender build. 

Do’s: Wear scoop-necked tops to create curves.

Wear tops with collars, ruffles to enhance and add volume to your bust area.

Go ahead and add a belt to your dress.

Wear mini-skirts to show off those great legs.

Don’ts:  Steer away from baggy clothes.

Go ahead, identify your body type and impress everyone around with your confidence and sense of dressing.

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