Human beings invented pizzas, burgers, fries, ice creams, cakes and donuts for a reason. They were not made to be eaten only on cheat days. Today is Junk Food Day, and we declare this day as the day we give up our diets and embrace the awesomeness that is junk food. Remember reading all those articles about how eating junk food is not good for you? Well, you can forget that, because we bring easy solutions to your food cravings. Yes, there is now a way you can eat junk food and still stay fit. If you do not believe us, just take a look at these supermodels who are gorging on delicious burgers without any guilt.

Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevigne - BookMyShow

Believe us now? To be honest, we do not know the secret to these models’ fitness. But we do know that eating junk food the right way can help you stay fit. Here’s how:

The ‘No Diet’ Rule

Stop following rigorous diets. Simply eat what you want. By allowing yourself to do so, you won’t deprive yourself of your favorite foods, which will help keep your cravings under control. It is usually when you give in to cravings that you tend to binge-eat.

Keep your weight in check

If you are in shape or underweight, eating junk food at times will not do much harm to you. However, overweight or obese persons should seldom indulge in junk food. But do not cut it out completely. Simply eat less than you can burn off.

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The Junk Food Clock

Do not eat junk food every day or more than once a day. Also, never binge-eat. Have your favorite fast foods occasionally, or only at parties. This will result in fewer binges. Also, never set cheat days, since you always end up eating more on those days. Be more spontaneous with your cravings. 

Burn it off

When you eat junk food, remember to eat only as much as you can burn off. Always remember that fast food does not make you fat, too much of it does. Ideally, eat your sugary foods pre-workout. Then burn those calories at the gym.

Eat and work out - BookMyShow

Mix and mash

Do not eat junk food as separate meals. Make them a part of your meal. For example, crushing chips on sabjis or loading your burger with veggies will help you eat your greens too. Do not add unnecessary calories as snacks.

Trick yourself

Use these simple tricks to eat less:

  • Eat fries in smaller plates. Bigger plates make you feel like you haven’t eaten enough and you will crave more.
  • Eat around others. When one plate is shared between two, you end up eating half of what you planned to.
  • Eat junk food at night. Eating it during the day will make you crave more, till you finally give in.

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Make your own food

Learn to make simple fast foods like burgers, burritos, fries, and smoothies at home. They are fresher and healthier than the ones you get at restaurants and taste just as good.


BRB. Ordering burgers and fries now.

Burger gif - BookMyShow

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