Two former Hollywood stars come together in this movie to devise a prison break plan. The kind of plot which makes movie-lovers, especially action fans wait patiently for the movie to release. Like all of them, I too went out to watch Escape Plan with the expectation that it will be entertaining to watch the duo on screen. Result, confused if not happy. 

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger try hard to save the movie and eventually succeed too, but only upto a certain limit. The averge plot with the ordinary direction of the movie makes this venture just one among the crowd. Typically classified under the espionage movies, Escape Plan lacks all the superior elements of that genre and relies too much on the star power of the two leading men. Not that the movie is not enjoyable. One can enjoy Escape Plan but only with restraints. 
Coming to the story, it revolves around Ray Breslin (played by Sylvester Stallone) who is a prosecutor turned security expert specializing in breaking out from the maximum security prisons. On a new project, he enters a prison from where he is supposed to escape and finds that he has been deceived as it is not just a task, but he is being held captive in reality with the intention of keeping him captive forever. In the prison, he meets Emil Rottmayer (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) and befriends him while they both try to escape from the prison. There are more twists to the story, which eventually, one needs to find out while watching Escape Plan. Although there are a lot of technology and tactics used in the movies which serve as a ladder for the escape but they seem to fill in the space for a stale script and ordinary dialogues. The director could have used both the stars for better results if only he had a a better script and an imaginative direction. Arnold brings a fun element in the movie and his screen presence is a delight to watch. Stallone is in his usual avatar and plays the character in the way we expect him to.
The role of Willard Hobb (played by Jim Caveziel) certainly brings an added edge to the movie as he delivers the performance of a man obsessed with power and greed. Watch his performance in The Count of Monte Cristo and you will realize why he is such a fine actor, capable of acting out diverse parts. 

All in all, Escape Plan is an espionage-thriller that just manages to entertain you if there aren’t other good movies out there. Watch it if you feel like or leave it if you don’t.

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