The Events at Colosseum 14

Colosseum has now turned 14. Teenage years are always the toughest. In those years, people learn about their strengths and grow up in leaps and bounds. The same can be said about this college festival. It exists like an entity. Growing from experiences and learning ever more about the world around it. The festival is now reaching across the social world and it is making it’s voice heard. There are many events which will be taking place. Everything from literary and fine arts to management events to games and sports, and many more. You have to keep an eye out for quite a few of them. The exciting time of Colosseum is here. Join in, take part, engage and rise up taking the world with you.

Here are a few events that you need to look for at  Colosseum 14: 
Gaming and sports: 
Paint-ball: You might be raising an eyebrow and going ‘Huh?’ Yes folks, there is a paint-ball competetion. The game is designed for you to learn and adapt and attain the objective. Everything that any student or participant needs to know, if they want to win. 
Sumo Wrestling: Before you start worrying that you might have to actually get in the ring with a real sumo wrestler, breathe. The participants will be wearing padded suits and then the bout begins. The Objective is to either push your opponent out of the ring or off balance.
Gladiator Warfare: Do you have what it takes to be a gladiator? Do you want to be “The Gladiator”?  Participants will be given gladiator war clubs and in an inflated arena, will duel to the… submission (you were expecting death , weren’t you? Come on, this is a college festival not the hunger games) 
Along with these events there will also be Neon football and Treasure Hunt as well as many more. 
Literary Arts and Fine Art events: 
Click-a-thon: An event where your creativity with the visual art of photography will be tested. The participants will have to create a series of sequential set of images on a theme and a location which will be given to them.
Tweet your story: Finally an event for all you socially active youth. Put pen to paper, express what you feel @themoment. Test your imagination and preciseness. Share what’s on your mind with those around you. 
There are  also many more  events in the Literary Arts and Fine Arts events like Spell-o-word, where you get to run around spelling words, as well as Voice it live, it will be a chance to make the audience collapse with laughter. 
Informal events:
Act of the Mute: You don’t need your mouth to make a point. The idea is that the participants will perform dramatics in silence. 
Alter Ego: This is the fashion show of the festival. Where we will see the clash of bitter truth and sweet imagination. A show about a profession and the passion that drives it.
There are many more events in the Informal section such as Just a minute (JAM), a fast paced contest of wit and humour, Master your Moves which is a dance event. Both solo and group dance events will take place in the Master your Moves event.
Management events: 
Bid your nation: Participants will get to buy states, create leaders, start their own economies, industries and currencies, in order to form a nation. May the best nation win. 
P.A.C.- Man: Pricing. Advertising. Conference. Participants will price and advertise in the best way possible and attempt to convince the audience. Products will be listed and the participants can either  decide to buy or sell. A look into the behind the scenes goings-on of products and consumers. 
Add to that we have Wheel of Fortune event, where participants spin the wheel and then use their knowledge of mathematics to convert the number into playing card digits and then proceed to play different card games. Also there is the Situational Supermarket, here participants will collect the most needed products in the market using their quick skills and then go on to play mini golf in management style. I know. Sounds like a tonne of fun.
Colosseum  14 also is now on your phone. Yes, Ladies and gentlemen, there is an app for this festival. Amazing isn’t it? So all you have to do, is look for Colosseum 14 and join in this amazing festival. Excelsior! 

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