Stand-up comedy is getting more recognition every passing day and 2017 was indeed a huge year for the comedy scene in India. The comedians got hype, stuff when viral and 14 top Indian comedians got their stand-up special on Amazon Prime, and accomplishments like these happened.

There have been a lot of stand-up specials that were being loved by the audience and those tours became extremely successful. But the top ten who really blew our mind are as follows:

#1 Zakir Khan – Haq Se Single

Best stand-up comedy specials of 2017 - BookMyShow

From Forced to Be Single, to Haq Se Single, such is the journey of Zakir Khan. His appearance on AIB Diwas created a laughter rage and went on to be called as "The biggest stand-up comedy act in India". His ability to laugh at himself and subtly wrap social scenarios into comic punches has taken him to the place he is right now.

#2 Abhishek UpmanyuThoda Saaf Bol

Best stand-up comedy specials of 2017 - BookMyShow

Upmanyu is one of the most famous when it comes to Hindi stand-ups. He is a thin, nerdy looking guy who is funny first through his body language and then his jokes. Ever since he moved to Mumbai with dreams of making it big in the comedy scene, his daily life has been giving him some crazy material which he uses to make you LOL.

#3 Amit TandonHonestly Speaking

Best stand-up comedy specials of 2017 - BookMyShow

Amit Tandon stands apart because of being funny with a U/A certificate. He is a family guy so his humor is free of double meanings (so that the middle-aged people at least get the joke) and adult humor, so you can take your parents, grandparents, and kids with you to his show as well.

#4 Kunal KamraFresh Thoughts

Best stand-up comedy specials of 2017 - BookMyShow

Kunal is generally brutal and honest about his opinions. He is single in his late 20s, he smokes and his parents know all about it; has a background in advertising and is still politically incorrect almost all the times, even in his stand-up specials.

#5 Sorabh PantThe Rant of The Pant

Best stand-up comedy specials of 2017 - BookMyShow

Sorabh is plain and simple obsessed with the word Pant. He is one the most sought-after comedians in the country. He rants about the stuff he strongly feels about, has strong opinions and a no-filter material (or so it seems). Sorabh Pant is intelligent and his views on everything makes for a good laugh (and also gets your brain to think).

#6 Aditi MittalThings They Wouldn't Let Me Say

Best stand-up comedy specials of 2017 - BookMyShow

Aditi Mittal is one of the very first females in the Indian comedy circuit. She is the first female to have a Netflix special called "Things They Wouldn't Let Me Say". Mittal emphasizes on the topic makes it all the more hilarious and you can't help but laugh. She has been the first Indian comedian to do many things, many times.

#7 Kautuk SrivastavaAnatomy of Awkward

Best stand-up comedy specials of 2017 - BookMyShow

Kautuk passes the basic rule of comedy, he is funny while making sense of it. He knows awkwardness in and out, so much that he made a stand-up special on it. He is definitely funny, especially for awkward people.

#8 Rahul SubramanianKal Main Udega

Best stand-up comedy specials of 2017 - BookMyShow

Rahul is a married Tamilian and an MBA who worked as a brand manager and started doing stand-ups in his free time. His comedy doesn't make you think but definitely makes you laugh. You take an aching stomach because of laughing or maybe because you fell off your chair.

#9 Jaspreet SinghTu To Chup Hi Reh

Best stand-up comedy specials of 2017 - BookMyShow

Jaspreet Singh has a unique way of putting his point forward. In each of his stories, he starts off calmly, shares some background details about the particular story, involves the audience and you find yourself laughing loudly till he reaches the conclusion. He always delivers what is expected of him.

#10 Karunesh TalwarLoose Jokes

Best stand-up comedy specials of 2017 - BookMyShow

Karunesh Talwar is so single that all he ever does is sit and when he is bored, he lies down. Talwar discusses current affairs, smoking disclaimers, actors making a living out of vibrating, the odds of becoming an astronaut and the absurdity of material intended for entertainment. Yes, all of this and even more while being absolutely politically incorrect.

A humble mention of some very talented comedians like Daniel Fernandes, Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, Atul Khatri and Abijit Ganguly who do not have a special but entertained everyone thoroughly in their live performances.

Do you think we missed anyone? Let us know in the comments below and also let us know who your favorite comedian is!