The fix for our laughter should be a basic right. There are countless comedians out there who pour their heart out on stage, all in an effort to make us laugh. September and October had given us some amazing stand-up specials and November is going to be no different. Jaspreet Singh and Abhishek Upmanyu are still continuing their nationwide tour with their specials and Aravind SA is back with yet another special this year. There are many comedians who are all set to spread laughter in your city and here is the line-up for November. Read on to know which comedians are performing in your city.

#.1 Bhai, Khush Raha Kar – Aakash Gupta

When: 4th, 5th, 10th and 25th November
Where: MumbaiPuneMumbai, and NCR
It is not difficult to attain happiness. If you are in doubt, you can attend Aakash Gupta's special and let him convince you of that.
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#2. Global Village Idiot Trial – Aditi Mittal

When: 7th, 21st, and 28th November
Where: Mumbai
Aditi Mittal is the only Indian female stand-up comedian to get a Netflix special and after watching that we could not wait for her next special. Looks like it is a work in progress. Be a hippie and go watch the trial show.

#3. Thoda Saaf Bol – Abhishek Upmanyu

When: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 17th and 19th November
Where: Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara, Mumbai, and Kolkata
Abhishek Upmanyu is continuing his last tour of this stand-up special. We cannot wait to see what he does next. You can read our review of the special here.

#4. Tu Toh Chup He Reh – Jaspreet Singh

When: 3rd, 5th, 17th and 24th November
Where: NCRGurugramHyderabad, and Mumbai
Jaspreet Singh is also traveling the nation with his successful special. You can read what we thought about the stand-up special here.
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#5. The Honest Comedian – Nishant Tanwar

When: 4th November
Where: NCR
His grandmother thinks he is an amazing comedian and it is time you find out whether his grandmother is right.

#6. No Issues, No Tissues – Rajat Chauhan

When: 5th November
Where: NCR
He is the new kid on the block who is trying one hour of new and old jokes that talk about his childhood and his experience with life.

#7. Trust Me! I am a Comedian – Maheep Singh

When: 11th November
Where: NCR
You would love Maheep Singh if he was a character in one of your intelligent sitcoms. But to our delight, he is very much real and performing one of his hilarious bits in your city. You can trust him.

#8. I Was Not Ready Da – Aravind SA

When: 11th and 25th November
Where: Chennai and Bengaluru
Can it be possible that your continued rise to success is merely unplanned? That seems to have happened with Aravind SA who says he was not ready for his continued popularity and appearance on Amazon Prime.

#9. Fizz Out! – Soda

When: 5th18th, and 19th November
Where: Hyderabad and Bengaluru
Sudarsan Ramamurthy, fondly known as 'Soda', is here with his one-hour special. This is his first solo show and there will be guaranteed laughs. You might also come to know the reason why he is called by his nickname.
Stand-up specials in October - BookMyShow
#10. Don't – Vaibhav Sethia

When: 26th November
Where: Bengaluru
Vaibhav Sethia's moments in life make for some hilarious jokes. You know he is one of us when he says that he likes his bed more than anything else in the world.

#11. Half Baked – Aakash Mehta

When: 9th November
Where: Hyderabad
Aakash Mehta is celebrating his seventh year in comedy by including the best of his content in his one-hour special. In his words, he is not a perfectionist but he can surely make people laugh.

#12. Le Kaun Raha Hai Be? – Manish Tyagi

When: 18th November
Where: Hyderabad
Manish Tyagi is back with his latest stand-up special as he delivers a hilarious take on the urban life. Just make sure that you do not die

#13. Mr. Mommy – Suman Kumar

When: 4th November
Where: Chennai
Have you heard stories from a stay-at-home dad? Well, you can this time when Suman Kumar performs in Chennai with his new stand-up special Mr. Mommy.

#14. 36 Vayadhinile by Praveen Kumar

When: 19th November
Where: Chennai
Praveen Kumar brings to you a completely Tamizh stand-up show which is going to be about being stuck in your 30s.

Which show will you be watching? Tell us in the comments below and share the line-up with your friends.