If there’s one text that theatrewallahs must tackle at some point in their careers, it’s the Mahabharata. Rarely a year goes by without a production that deals with an aspect of the epic. Currently there are three such productions being staged in cities across the country.

‘Mahabharata – The Epic Tale’

Puneet Issar, who famously played Duryodhan in BR Chopra’s acclaimed TV show Mahabharata (1988-1990), reprises the role in this drama, which he has also written and directed. The play focuses on the friendship between Duryodhan and Karan. Gufi Paintal, who played Shakuni in Chopra’s show, plays the wily politician in this drama too. The play will be staged in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Bangalore.


The Delhi-based Katkatha Puppets Art Trust brings the story of Mahabharata alive with the help of puppets and objects in this English, Hindi and Kannada performance, which will be staged in Bangalore.


Written and directed by Atul Satya Koushik, this Hindi verse drama concentrates on the killing of Abhimanyu in the chakravyuh formation during the war. Nitish Bharadwaj, who played Krishna in BR Chopra’s TV show Mahabharata (1988-1990), essays the same role in this production, which will be staged in Delhi and Mumbai.