30 is an age that makes everything stable (in general cases). You have a job, you are probably married, live at a decent place or if nothing of this sort you at least have figured out what you want from life. But, if you are one of those people who think turning 30 has taken away your youth and all the things lively about you are fading away then this stand-up special will make you remember all the good things back then (which may make you feel old, but you anyway are) to make you feel good about your age.

30 Not Out is a stand-up special by Chalta Hai Comedy that brings together the energetic ghazal lover Andy Reghu, the senior stamp collector Punit Pania and 34 not married Trupti Khamkar. However, the show that I went for also had Abhijit Ganguly trying his new material and the 29 and a half-year-old Sriram Padmanabhan preparing to become a part of this ensemble after six months.

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You might wonder why they have chosen this name for the show but then the host starts asking everyone in the audience their name and occupation, to make it an interactive show, exactly like your neighborhood aunty and Sharma uncle who ask every random kid beta kya naam hai? kya karte ho?. You stop wondering right there. The show truly lives up to the concept and the theme. The crowd, however, wasn’t as supportive hence the first two rows were roasted like every kid is for not agreeing to their elders. 30 Not Out definitely means that 30 is not old but the show proves that 30 is a milestone that makes you realize that you are getting older.

Andy Reghu, who was the host of the show, was as energetic as ever along with his music and 30-year old jokes. Punit Pania who covered the best part of the night has definitely worked on his skills to be that old and still be that funny. They also gave free alcohol to the guy they roasted the most. Saying that, please make sure you do not sit on the front row if you are not open to getting roasted. Also, sit on the front row if you are okay with getting roasted for free daaru.

This show is best for the people who are 30+ because all the jokes and punches that went above my head made the two 30++ couples sitting next to my table cheer and LOL. Maybe it’s a 30-not-out thing.

What you must be to enjoy the show:
An 80s kid if not 90s.
An enthu cutlet who is up for a fun night.

What you cannot be to enjoy the show:
Below 20.
Below 20 and sitting on the front row.

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28th October – Mumbai

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