Every human is different and so are their lives and experiences. Apparently, this also stands true in the comedy scene. The material of the comedians and their style of comedy is highly affected by their observations and experiences. Fun fact is, the diversity is not limited to the artists on stage but also to the audience. There are people who want to be assured of laughter and then there are people who love heckling. People also like to interact and sometimes enjoy being an on-the-spot part of the act. It is all a matter of interest, inclination, and their approach towards comedy.

With the stand-up scene evolving, many people are familiar with it, but there are still a lot of people who are unaware of the fact that there are other kinds of live comedy as well. So, we have listed below the different kinds of comedy for people who are looking for something new and unique:

1. Stand-up Comedy

The most popular type of live comedy shows, stand-up comedy has come a long way in our country. With a significant contribution from the legendary comedian Johnny Lever, stand-up first gained popularity through Great Indian Laughter Challenge on TV. Now, live stand-up comedy has become huge in India. Those who want assured laughter with tried and tested material can attend these shows.

2. Open Mic

Open Mic is best for the people who are looking for new faces and fresh jokes. People who do not mind being a part of the comedy scene and are open to laughing at sad jokes and PJs. Since years, this format has been the best way to discover new gems in the comedy circuit and being a part of it is another variety of entertainment.

3. Improv

Improv is best for people who have innovative thoughts, crazy ideas and for those who won't mind becoming a part of the comedy once in a while. In Improv, a few comedians come together and create on-the-spot jokes, skits, and sketches by taking random inputs from the audience. Spontaneity is key.

4. Sketches

Sketches are short comedy scenes or vignettes performed by a group of actors/comedians on stage or through an audio/visual medium. They generally have a theme or a short script that is then enacted by the group. Sketches are best for the people who get bored easily. These are short and do not take much time, refraining you from getting inattentive.

5. Comedy Plays

For people who like their comedy served with a dash of drama, comedy plays are your thing. Quite self-explanatory, comedy plays are based on a funny plot and intend to give the viewers a laughter ride through a script laces with funny scenes, dialogues, and sarcasm.

Bonus: Roasts

A roast is a kind of insult comedy. One or more comedians come together to make fun of and insult people from a certain panel, the audience or fellow comedians. Roasts can be quite offensive, rude or insensitive for some people, hence this kind is not as popular as the others in this country. We all know about the infamous AIB Roast which became more of a controversy than comedy. But if you are someone who would like to attend a roast and has a good threshold to insults and offensive comments, there are always a couple of shows happening around. You just need to keep an eye out.

Comedy should be a part of everyone's life and it is awesome that the Canvas Laugh Club has ventured into all these different types of comedy. They have improv, open-mic, stand-up and plays happening every now and then.

Now, CLC is also in Noida and Gurugram. What are you waiting for? Go book your tickets and LOL till your sides start to hurt!