Set in the 1950s in Punjab, just after Independence, Feroz Abbas Khan’s Hindi musical Raunaq and Jassi is the story of two star-crossed lovers from rival families. Here are five reasons to watch this beautiful saga of love by the director of the hit show, Mughal-e-Azam.

Poetic lines that will move you to tears

Writer Iqbal Raj has penned lines that rhyme, making the poignant play a poetic experience. Just listening to the actors speak is a joyous experience.

A memorable score

The music is by composer Piyush Kanojia, who also scored Mughal-e-Azam. Viewers will hear the influence of traditional Punjabi music in Kanojia’s score for this play as well as folk songs such as ‘Latthe di chadar’ and ‘Nai jaana’.

A set that transports you to Punjab

The sets by veteran theatre set designer Fali Unwalla and lights by John Narun effectively conjure the fields of Punjab. The entire stage looks like it’s right out of the 1990s Yashraj movie.

Terrific costumes

Manish Malhotra, who made the gorgeous costumes of Mughal-e-Azam, has designed an eye-catching wardrobe of costumes for Raunaq and Jassi.

Encore-worthy performances

Raunaq (Omkar Patil) and Jassi (Neha Sangram) belong to families that are sworn enemies. The two are so in love, they try to overcome the traditional rivalry between their families to be together. Patil and Sangram share convincing chemistry on stage complemented by the rest of the cast.