Out of Box Production is a young production house based in Mumbai catering to theater, workshops and also short films. Recently they performed the play ‘786‘ on December 12 at the Prithvi Theater.

‘786’ is a savvy play where three stories are interconnected in a brilliant way. We Indians are generally very superstitious people. Well, being truly Indian we can’t help it. 786 written Abhishek Pattnaik and directed by Murtuza Kutianawala is a play which talks about three people and their obsession with the the numbers 7, 8, and 6.

The first story is about a girl. A normal girl who is just obsessed with the number 7. She wakes up at 7 in the morning, keeps seven pens in her coat, seven items in her bag and always catches bus number seven. Watching Siddhi Karwa’s superb performance as the obsessive girl was giddy delight.

The second story is about a bus stop and it’s superstitious obsession with bus number 8. The character in this story is kind of poignant. But beautifully done. The way the actor narrates the story with flashbacks is noteworthy. Presenting flashbacks in a theater is little bit tricky, but they did in total finesse. It was just smooth.

The third story is of a struggling writer. Being the final story it was the best. It is about a writer who is having a writer’s block and is stuck at the climax of his sixth story. Unable to complete it, he starts hallucinating and takes the help of an imaginary character ‘an eunuch’ which comes out of his own story. Abhishek Pattnaik unleashed sheer actorly joy as the ‘unnamed’ eunuch. It was bumbling comic relief. Rishab Chadha as the writer was also pretty impressive. He did a commendable  job as a mad, restless writer.

‘786’ was certainly a crowdpleaser. It was dramatically less dramatic and it worked!  All the characters were expansive, colorful as well crucial. There was a never dull moment in the play.

‘786’ ended with the flamboyant eunuch saying  ‘The writer will die, the audience will die but a character never dies’

And without doubt we agree to it.

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