Like most comedians, Aakash Gupta didn’t imagine he’d one day be making a living off comedy. He wanted to become a DJ and his early projects were remixes of the prayers his parents would sing at home each morning. Once his stand-up career took off in Delhi and Gurgaon, Gupta moved to Mumbai. Life changed when he won Amazon Prime’s stand-up reality show Comicstaan 2.

One of the brightest upcoming comics in India, Gupta is currently touring the country with his stand-up special Excuse Me Brother, in which talks about growing up in Delhi and makes some very strange observations. We watched the show at The Habitat on Saturday, February 23 at 4pm. Here’s what you can expect from the special.

Gupta tells short stories of school

Gupta said he was ragged about his short stature throughout school and college. But he had the last laugh the one time his school had to be evacuated.

Attending school was not always fun

Going to the loo in school was a trial. Firstly, the toilets were terrible. Secondly, teachers, suspecting kids were up to no good, were so reluctant to send them to the loo, they had to prove they really needed to go. The students’ solution: wearing diapers. Teachers were amazed to see kids looking weirdly fat.

Gupta also talked about the time he and his mates were made to dance to ‘I’m a Barbie girl’ wearing mini skirts because the dance teacher was asked to choose an English song for their annual day function. He’s embarrassed to this day because his mom told everyone that her son was the prettiest Barbie of them all.

Everyone’s a cowboy in Delhi

The average Delhiwallah is an aggressive creature according to Gupta. Take the vendors of Sarojini Nagar, Delhi’s flea market, who address every shopper with an “excuse me brother” and forcefully sell their stuff. Before you know it, they’ve made you try on an accessory. Even the beggars in Delhi are demanding. Gupta recommends visitors try the famous ice paan and fire paan. Paanwalas stuff it in your mouth even before you finish ordering it.

Mumbai’s not lovable either

Gupta’s biggest problem with Mumbai is that people pee and poop in public without any hesitation. He was once traveling in the local train when he spotted a man pooping on the tracks. The guy wouldn’t stop staring at Gupta.

Gupta is currently touring with his show across the country. Book here for shows in Mumbai, NCR and Bhubaneshwar.

Video Courtesy: The Habitat.