Abijit Ganguly’s latest stand-up comedy special The Millenial Married Life is a fun set of new insights and observations into the comedian’s pet preoccupations of marriage and the state of the country. We watched it earlier this month at MRP in Andheri in Mumbai. Here’s what you can expect from the show.

Puberty is painful

Ganguly leads up to his exposition on marriage with a bit on puberty. He starts by narrating an incident that took place when he was a teenager. It involved a friend of his, Anshul, who was inclined to window-dress his sex life and brag about it at that young age. He learned a lesson when he suffered a delicate injury while indulging himself. Ganguly came to Anshul’s rescue but his efforts were delayed by his friend’s hospitable mom.

The fine print of politics and religion

Ganguly has strong views on the way politicians craft religious propaganda, in particular their tendency to  conveniently filter out details. “Jesus had wine and Shiva had ganja,” he says, explaining that people are fooled by those in power, who leave out the nasty bits about religious figures. In fact, believing in god is as ridiculous as believing in the existence of Alladin and celebrating Maha Abu Ratri and Genie Jayanti, he says.

The greatest politician of them all is of of course our Prime Minister. Ganguly sees similarities between him and his immediate coterie, and the comic character Chacha Chaudhary, his alien sidekick Sabu and dog Rocket.

The thrills of married life have nothing to do with sex

Ganguly and his wife dated for nine years before getting married two years ago. “Zomato is married people Tinder,” he jokes. After 11 years of knowing each other, romance takes a backseat. Ordering food is way higher in the list of priorities. He then moves on to lament about the next big thing after marriage… children.

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