Amit Tandon began his comedy career as a hobbyist and took it seriously when he got featured on Rising Stars of Comedy on NDTV in 2014 and later CEO’s Got Talent on CNBC TV18 in 2014. It’s a good thing he did for Tandon has a knack for finding comedy in everyday life. His talent is on full display in Masala Sandwich, his stand-up solo with which he’s touring the country. We watched a show at Rang Sharda Auditorium in Bandra, Mumbai on Sunday, February 23 at 7.30pm. Here’s what you can expect from the special.

Is MasterChef India a scam?

Ever wondered how contestants on MasterChef manage to prepare their dishes in the nick of time even though it looks like they’re not going to make it? Tandon too has doubts about their speed.

It took shifting to another city and food shaming to get fit

A Delhi boy, Tandon got fit only after moving to Mumbai. That was when his wife became a fitness freak, staring at him accusingly when he’d order pizza or eat popcorn at a cinema hall.

Precautions to be taken in clubs

There’s a good reason to stay away from Gujaratis in a club. It involves a traditional dance and a certain Latin American singer.

Why married life is tough

These days it’s difficult to live up to your partner’s expectations, Tandon said, citing an example of a friend who has no clue how to celebrate his wife’s birthday in a manner she’d appreciate. He also explains why love stories such as Romeo and Juliet and Laila-Majnu hold no appeal for him.

When parents are forced to copy kids

Tandon realised that to get kids to do what you want, you have to employ their tactics. For instance, if you want them to leave a birthday party, just embarrass them by throwing a fit the way a child would.

Tandon is currently touring the country with his special. Book for his upcoming shows here.