Ank’s Jis Lahore Nahi Dekhya has been performed since years and even now, every show is sold-out. In fact, even at the show at Prithvi Theatre last evening, people had to end up sitting on the steps to watch the play. Directed by the late Dinesh Thakur, the play showcases empathy and religious tolerance.

Jis Lahore Nahi Dekhya

Jis Lahore Nahi Dekhya tells the story of an old Indian lady who is left back in Pakistan during the partition. The custodian allots her home to a Muslim family which seems to have no place for her. She refuses to go back to India saying that she wants to spend her last days in her hometown, Lahore. As the story moves forward, multiple characters are introduced – two of which are goons who are willing to kill the lady for 1000 rupees. The family with which she stays slowly starts warming up to her and address her as ‘mai’. They continue to shelter her in spite of strong resistance from the hooligans. Fortunately, they receive support from other residents of the city. There are multiple twists and turns, which lead to a rather unsettling but honest end.

Jis Lahore Nahi Dekhya

Preeta Mathur Thakur, who plays the lead character, steals the show with her earnest performance. A special mention to Aman Gupta who delivers some of the best dialogues. His shayaris made the audience clap on more than one occasion. In times of terror attacks and riots, Jis Lahore Nahi Dekhya makes a strong point of how being a good human is much more than just praying or following your religion by the book. The scene in which a group of Muslim men are performing the last rites as per Hindu traditions sums up the message this play wants to send out.

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