Anubhav Singh Bassi went to law school, studied for the UPSC exam, and even tried his hand at being an entrepreneur. Then two years ago, his life changed when he decided to try his luck at an open mic night at Canvas Laugh Club. That’s when he found his true calling.

One of the brightest upcoming comics in India, Bassi is currently touring the country with his stand-up special Bas Kar Bassi, a self-deprecating set on his career and life choices. What was obvious from the show we attended was that he was having as good a time as his audience, often laughing out loud at his own jokes. Here’s what you can expect from the show.

His water cooler moment

Bassi told us about hostel life during his law school days, when he had a flair for doing everything aside from studies. He narrated a hilarious incident that led to the destruction of a water cooler in the middle of the night, and put his senior, Rathi, in big trouble.

Being lawyer was a trial

His first job as a lawyer earned him the handsome sum of 1800 rupees. While working this job, he shared an apartment with four other guys. He explained why he believes five guys should never do anything together.

Studying for the UPSC exam went up in smoke (literally)

After a shortlived stint as a lawyer, Bassi made up his mind to pursue the IPS. He moved in with an old friend from school who had similar plans, and the two began preparing for the UPSC examination. Needless to say, things didn’t go as planned as the two discovered some of the finer things in life such as certain pychotropic herbs.

The start-up experience wasn’t for him

After his previous plans didn’t work out, Bassi took up a job offer from a start-up. He found that working as a “senior analyst” involved operating from a basement with patchy cellular network.

Yet he founded a start-up…sort of

Bassi left the best part of his act for last, when he told us about the time he opened a restaurant with a few friends (including his rather dim-witted friend Pandit). He had funny things to say about the sign outside their restaurant, their burgers and milkshakes, their special delivery service and his own ingenious culinary creation, “blue lagoon Maggi”.