We live in an era where we are all connected by the internet. And one of the favorite pass time of the netizens is watching the stand-up comedy videos. But I don’t fall in the line of people who very enthusiastically follow the stand-up comedy circle. So when I decided to attend this event, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Just imagine a person going to an event who doesn’t follow stand-up and is hearing the artist’s name for the first time (I am serious).

I attended Vaibhav Sethia‘s first solo show in Mumbai organized by Hamster Comedy at OF10, Powai, Mumbai. Okay so before I write further about my experience, I would like to give you a little brief about Hamster comedy, which, I am sure, will be very useful to all the aspiring and budding stand-up comedians. It’s a collective by two fervent, young and enterprising upcoming comics – Manu Gupta and Ankit Bareja. They conduct regular comedy shows on the weekends mainly open mics and featured shows. So, for starters, if you are looking for a platform to display and polish your talents, don’t wait further, just contact them and take things forward. You can reach them here.

Coming back to my experience, despite heavy rains, people thronged to the venue. This made me realize that Vaibhav is quite popular and I should clear my prejudice thoughts that will not let me enjoy the show. The show was hosted by Manu Gupta. And frankly, I enjoyed all the warm up interactions that he had with the audience, especially the one where he points out the difference between the people of Metros and Tier 2. With you on this one, bro. It took me a while to understand all the popular internet slangs. Don’t LOL now, it happens to the best of us.

Apple is Red - BookMyShowAfter the introduction, the mike was handed over to Vaibhav Sethia. He greets the audience and then does exactly for what he is known for – making people laugh. The best thing about his presentation was that he had chosen the most annoying instances that happen in lives on daily basis. These are times when we want to shout but out of courtesy, we choose to keep quiet. He rants on all those instances which gave the audience enough dollops of laughter.

Apple is Red 1 - BookMyShowFrom giving the hint of how people are in Kolkata, drawing the attention towards how cricket is a biased game, normal girlfriend problems, the problems we adults create for babies and so on. It was a complete one hour of rofl-lmao. After the show, I went to congratulate him for putting up a great show. There I overheard him saying to his wife that he felt that the show was a bit stretched. Buddy! You were simply amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the show that I ended up watching all the three videos that you have uploaded on YouTube. Here’s a request though – don’t overthink (pun intended) about the show that has happened. Pata chala aapke kuch aur baal safed ho gaye (again pun intented).

So, all stand-up comedy and Vaibhav Sethia fans, he has a few shows lined up. Make sure you mark your calendar to enjoy all his shows: