Prithvi Theatre staged aRanya's Park on the 15th, 16th and 17th August, most of it sold out. The play came into existence in the around 2009 and is still going strong. This alone should be enough to pique your interest. Read on to know more about this cleverly written play that manages to make you laugh and then some more.

Written and directed by Manav Kaul, the first thing you appreciate about this play is the setting – simple and so relatable – it could happen anywhere. This is the first clue that this play is a representation of more than just a funny banter. Three benches. Three men. All of them want the best seat and all of them seem to have robust reasons why they should be the ones occupying it. They argue among each other and soon the conversation is peppered with issues like relocation and a certain kind of humiliation and alienation attached to it.

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Issues like Kashmir, middle-east and other political unrests over land squabbles suddenly stand anthropomorphized in front of you. And as you'd imagine, none of them is willing to back down or meet the "opponent" halfway. Despite a bench each for each man, they have heated arguments about why they deserve the best spots. They all have their personal stories to tell and all of them make good points. Welcome to adulthood where no one is really wrong; it's just different points of views.

The cast includes the likes of Shubrajyoti Barat, Sumeet Vyas, Gopal Dutt, and the play is written and directed by actor-director Manav Kaul. The actors manage to get the comedy on point. The writing is smart and at no point seems stretched. The entire play is a unit of thoroughly enjoyable performances and a simple yet intelligent plot. The play ends on a rather emotional note and again, touches upon the fact that we can live in a far better world if we just accept and respect people how they are. Rarely is comedy used so well. Take a bow, aRanya.

Don't miss this one. Book your tickets the next time it is being staged in your city. You can book your tickets for the 30th September show here and for the 7th October show here.

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