Aravind SA, the viral phenomenon of the ‘Why Tamils don’t speak Hindi’ debacle brought his new solo show ‘I was not Ready Da’ to the comedy circuit at the Bengaluru Comedy Festival 2017. Trust us when we say this, we genuinely weren’t ready da for the laughing riot. With a fully packed, sold-out show on a Sunday evening, our Chennai boy has set the bar way too high for being funny.

The show started off with the opening act Ashwin Srinivas, who is also a Tamilian and did a great job in warming up the crowd for the main act. He spoke about his life experience and kept the crowd engagement to a minimum. He also included some hilarious situations of how it is to be a South Indian and man, it sure did tickle our funny bones.

When it was time for SA to come up on stage, he knew how to make an entry with a theme song for his show which he later sang for us as well. Talk about talent! This show touched every possible “I was not ready da” moment in his life. If you’ve been following him from the start, you’d know that he became famous for dishing out against North Indians and the ‘offensiveness’ of his jokes. Speaking of the same, he explains how this and almost every life incident (good or bad) happens when you least expect it; and hence the title of the show.

His material ranged from teasing his parents to some pretty hilarious “offensive” content. Needless to say, this show of his was A-rated. His content also included some hilarious criticism toward North Indians and was catered perfectly to suit all the South Indians and North Indians alike but especially Chennaites. In his own way, SA is your classic Chennaite boy with his MTI and his slurs making him an absolute delight to watch. He also spoke about some hard-hitting and honest topics like politics, and delivered these jokes ever so smoothly pointing out the fact that these were merely jokes and not to be taken seriously.

P.S. and I quote, “Do not get your mom to watch this show of his because the ride back home will be an awkward one.

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– By Nikita Fernandes