Azeem Banatwalla has a new stand-up special to give to the world. Titled Between The Lines, the show will kick off on a country-wide tour on Saturday, November 9. To prepare for the special, Banatwalla did a number of trial shows called Reset, one of which we watched at The Actors Truth in Andheri. Banatwalla started with a gag on biases about Muslims. The joke set the tone for a set that was personal and political. Here’s a quick recap of the material, some of which might make it to Between The Lines.

Bandra people are posher than others.

According to Banatwalla, Bandra life is unlike living anywhere else in the city. Folks out in the suburb take things like dessert, jogging and HuffPo rather seriously.

Why Uber in the south has a great rep.

Once when he was at Chennai airport, he saw a group of foreigners praising Uber. He couldn’t stop laughing when he realised why they were gushing. It had to do with…let’s just say, semantics.

He often gets hilarious death threats.

Banatwalla doesn’t shy away from taking potshots at the government despite frequently getting threats. The one that made him laugh the most came from a guy who, oddly enough for a bully, seemed to have self-esteem issues.

He’s got a beef with ‘woke’ people.

People who feel the need to constantly apologise from crimes committed by their kind get on Banatwalla’s nerves.