Missing a family member or having greedy people trying to make money off your tragedy can never be funny. Talented writer K.P Saxena, however, did exactly that while commenting upon the dynamics of today’s familial relationships. Directed by Sunil Bhati, Baap Re Baap is a delightful play that is sure to make you laugh while the characters run hither and thither trying to find the ‘baap’. 


Badrinath Bhatnagar is missing and his son, Vikas, is frantically moving about railway stations and bus stops trying to find his father. At home, his wife Meenu is eating kebabs and crying over her fate along with their loyal servant, Noorbaksh. Vikas places an ad on the radio with a 50,000 rupee reward for finding his father. Therein starts the hilariously dramatic twist. People start lining up outside their home, claiming to have found his father. The narrative satirizes the relationship as Vikas is unable to recognize his own father. Meenu, on the other hand, is out partying and attending condolence events for her father-in-law. 

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The play is simple and entertaining. Noorbaksh speaks almost flawless Urdu and you instantly fall in love with him. His wit and sarcasm elevate the play to an incredible level. The play is not that long and tells the story aptly in about an hour. With minimal stage setting and incredible acting, the play is bound to make you laugh.


While the narrative is uncomplicated and smooth, it falls slightly flat towards the second half. It picks right up though, not hampering your experience of the play.


Baap Re Baap a light-hearted play that is the perfect recipe for a fun evening. The actors – Urdu-loving Noorbaksh played by the director himself and the playful daughter-in-law – make this play a non-stop entertainer.