Kungfu Bonda is a stand-up comic’s coming-of-age special performed by artiste Bhargav Ramakrishnan aka Baggy. Baggy describes himself as a jack of all trades but master of none. He is an actor, director, writer, amateur chef, food critique, arts manager and a stand-up comic. Finally, he was in Hyderabad yesterday for his stand-up comedy act.

I was completely overwhelmed with Baggy and the talent he had in delivering a non-stop two-hour comedy stand-up solo show. To be honest, I was completely bowled over with his act. The floor was full with over 100 viewers and the two-hour act was well appreciated by all sects of audience and was seen clapping and whistling throughout.

Kungfu Bonda was more special because of the reason that is not just a stand-up comic but interactive as well. Baggy was terrific in interacting with the audience without spoiling the flow of narration. This is where one could easily connect with his talent. The energy he carried in talking non-stop for about two hours and with no single moment of boredom is just impeccable.

Kungfu Bonda covered a varied range of topics that is close to the life of a middle-class man who enters his 30s and his childhood experiences. The ways Baggy explained a few of his childhood experiences on how he cheated his parents and grandparents on his way back school is very hilarious. Another episode on how he had to deal with the seven gates of his house was outstanding. All the experiences he had to go through while he was in an apartment with his old neighbors will make you fall down with laughter. He also touched upon topics related to his girlfriend and the problems he faced with her parents in convincing them of his profession. There is also an episode on adult comedy with an indirect reference to a girl with a car. Though an adult episode, it went very well with the viewers as boys and girls were seen bursting out in laughter.

Kungfu Bonda is overall a well-knit stand-up comedy that is hilarious to the core. I would strongly recommend this non-stop two-hour act as a must-watch show. This comedy stand-up is in English language with a touch of Tamil nativity in his tone as Baggy hails from Chennai. Kungfu Bonda is coming to conquer the hearts of people. If you have any worries in life or overstressed at work, come watch this show and forget all your worries. As laughter is the best medicine, get a high dosage of this medicine and stay healthy. 

Upcoming Shows:
13th October – Chennai

– Ajay Mudunuri.