It is quite exciting to imagine a place where your bike becomes an extended part of your body as you are en route to a destination of your dreams. There are many who consider their bikes important. But for a few, their bikes are as good as family and trust them with journeys to uneven roadmaps that lead to beautiful landscapes. If you are someone who dreams of going on a biking trip but has been waiting for the time to be right. Well, now is the right time. And if it is the planning that is keeping you from going on this trip then we have got a list of people who’ll do it for you. Check the top 10 adventure planners and get set go!

1. Manali – Leh Ladakh Bike Trip 2018

Take a break and service your bike because a trip to the paradise has to be ticked off of your bucket list this season. Leh Ladakh is bound to mesmerize you with its beauty. Be it the magical Rohtang pass, the dignified Khardungla Pass or the Pangong lake, this place is every bike rider’s dream come true. Pack your backpacks, get your riding gears, and hop onto your motorcycles to commence a journey that would be one of the most memorable journeys you have ever experienced.

2. Trip to Spiti Valley – Think, Sleep, Move, Ride a Bike, Dream Spiti

The Hindi word spiti means the land in the middle and refers to the land between Tibet and India. Located at an average height of 12,500 feet above sea level, it has picturesque locations everywhere. You will be amazed by the stark high alpine lands, scattered with small postcard-perfect villages of whitewashed mud-homes and monasteries. This place is perfect for your mind which seeks peace and serenity in the chaotic city life. Book and get ready to be part of a bike ride into the Heaven of India.

3. Explore Ladakh: A Roadtrip to Heaven (Mumbai-Ladakh- Mumbai)

Imagine 21 days with a group of bikes and cars, with like-minded travelers visiting 50+ destinations, covering 6000+ kilometers across length and breadth of India, making infinite memories throughout the journey. If thinking of something like this gets your adrenaline pumping, this is the most perfect excursion for you. Caravan (travelers) is a group of Core Bikers. Just book the trip and they will arrange everything to make your trip a memorable one.

4. Ride to Andharban – A Short Trek into The Dark Forest

The name Andharben itself defines the location – the dark forest. Andharban is one of the most beautiful jungle treks around Mumbai. And the best time to visit this place is during or post monsoon. Biking to the place adds a special fun quotient to your experience. You’ll get to see a variety of beautiful waterfalls giving you a pleasant feel of the monsoon’s beauty. This is the best weekend getaway for nature lovers, shutterbugs for various species of butterfly and flowers.

5. Ghumteraho Bike Trips to Ladakh

Ghoomteraho plans your trip and ensures that you visit right places in right time. They possess a no-compromise attitude in quality and hospitality, which is also their USP. With a formidable amount of experience in the tourism industry, the emphasis is on the best service at unbeatable prices. So ghumne chalo with Ghumteraho with the following trips:

– Ladakh on Bike from Manali

Take a ride in the peaks and plains and capture the mesmerizing beauty of the hills in your shutterbugs as you move towards your destination. All you need is the enthusiasm; the rest will be taken care of.

– Ladakh on Bike from Srinagar

While you pursue a destination, the journey is what matters the most. Make your journey a cherishable one and get ready to witness the scintillating view of the snowy Himalayas. Book now!

6. Enfield Riders Biking Trips:

The group Enfield Riders was born out of passion. And they associate passion with just one thing – travel. For them, there is no greater pleasure than picking up a bag, hopping onto a bike and setting off to explore uncharted terrains. It seems right to say that they plan our life around travel and not travel around life. They have clocked a couple of lakh miles across the globe by air, rail and road. But almost a quarter of those were bike expeditions and those are their most cherished journeys.

Enfield Riders have an array of Biking trips for you to take an adventure road trip now:

– Enfield Riders Ladakh Motorcycle Expedition Leisure Batch 2018

They are ready to share their passion with you and travel to the most beautiful places in the country. You just need to pack the necessary stuff and they will guide you throughout the journey.

– All Women Ride/Drive To Leh – Ladakh

All the lady bikers unite to have an all girls outing with people with the same levels of interest and badassery. Let’s get on a journey to one of the coolest places in the country.

– All Women Ride/Drive To Leh-Ladakh from Srinagar

Same trip, same people, the only difference is that you kickstart the adventure from Srinagar.

– Enfield Riders Ladakh Motorcycle Expedition Pure Adventure

A biking trip to the lanes of Leh-Ladakh is what every biker in India dreams of. Starting from Chandigarh, this trip takes you to your dream lanes. Hop on and get started already!

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