Stand-up comedies have become the "it" thing in entertainment. There are so many stand-ups happening everywhere in every city that people have actually started preferring those over movies now and as much as I agree to that, I'll quite shamefully even accept that despite the hype, I hadn't been to even one; until last evening.

So Chalta Hai Comedy was hosting their Dark Humor Special session called I Am Only Joking. Hosted by Punit Pania, the show had four other performers – Navin Norohna, Ameya Deshpande, Reza Noorani and Aakash Mehta along with a surprise act and the content was, as warned, dark. The show started with Navin Nornha's act, who was, without exaggeration, hilarious AF. While the other acts were a little shadowed by Noronha, they saved the best for the last. Believe me when I say Navin was funny, you have to know this Aakash Mehta is the baap when it comes to comedy. Having been a comedian for over seven years, this guy knows how to keep the audience engaged to his humor and make them fall off laughing. While Punit was a great host, and Reza and Ameya did a commendable job, I'd say Aakash stole the show.

The 8 pm show started at about 8.30 pm and exceeded by almost an hour of the duration promised but nevertheless, it was worth both, your time and money and so we found no one complaining. Also, to make it better, they even give you a free craft beer of your choice along with a 15% discount on your entire bill. How cool is that? So guys, all I'm saying is don't forget to catch them the next time they're around at Independence Brewing Company.