14 October Stand-Up Specials In Your City That You Should Not Miss

Everyone needs their dose of comedy and how better to do that than attend a one-hour stand-up special, where the comic's only aim is to make you laugh! Although many people might think and making people laugh is not a very difficult profession, but we know it cannot be easy to churn out so many jokes that will keep people smiling throughout the show.

While the month of Halloween is here, we are ready to bring some comedy into the mix with our list of October stand-up specials. From Jaspreet Singh to Amit Tandon, there are many comedians touring the country with only one aim in mind – to make people smile. So without wasting any time, here are 14 stand-up specials in October that you should definitely not miss. 

#1. Tu Toh Chup Hi Re by Jaspreet Singh

When: 6th and 7th14th27th and 28th

Where: Hyderabad, Bengaluru, NCR, Siliguri, and Kolkata

Jaspreet Singh has been touring with this stand-up special for some time now and his continued shows speak about the popularity of the content. You can read our review of this special here.

#2. Half-Baked by Aakash Mehta

When: 6th8th and 14th

Where: NCR and Mumbai

Aakash Mehta is celebrating his seventh year in comedy by including the best of his content in his one-hour special. In his words, he is not a perfectionist but he can surely make people laugh.

#3. Rajneesh Kapoor Live

When: 8th, 28th

Where: NCR

Rajneesh Kapoor thinks that people are stupid and he is going to spend an hour convincing you how. You can get a dose of his comedy on his YouTube channel but be assured that live comedy is much better.

#4. Hum Toh Aise Hi Hain by Vijay Choudhary

When: 15th

Where: NCR

Can you find humor in day-to-day mundane situations? Vijay Choudhary can and his special covers contemporary topics. We are sure you will never look at your day the same way after watching this one.

#5. Take it Easy by Anirban Dasgupta

When: 14th27th

Where: Mumbai and NCR

This is Anirban Dasgupta's second stand-up special where he talks about love and hate in the world of internet. He also suggests how everyone invested in these emotions should just take it easy.

#6. Bhai, Khush Raha Kar by Aakash Gupta

When: 8th15th29th

Where: Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad.

Happiness seems to be something very elusive, yet attainable. While everything is at our fingertips, our happiness seems to be out of our grab. Aakash Gupta talks about this and more in his stand-up special.

#7. Thoda Saaf Bol by Abhishek Upmanyu

When: 14th

Where: Mumbai

Abhishek Upmanyu is back with his stand-up special that has toured the country. One of the biggest names in Hindi stand-up comedy, you can read about what we thought of this one right here.

#8. Progressively Ugly by Rupen Paul

When: 5th7th

Where: Bengaluru

Rupen Paul has done a number of stand-up shows and this time he is performing with one hour of jokes designed to make you laugh out loud. He will be covering Indian parents and being a constant disappointment in life, among other things in this special.

#9. Loff it Off by Jagan

When: 7th

Where: Bengaluru

This is a one-of-a-kind stand-up comedy show where Tamil, English, music and comedy all combine with only one result – you rolling on the floor laughing. Now isn't that something you don't want to miss?

#10. Alex in Wonderland by Alexandar Babu

When: 8th

Where: Chennai

Alexander Babu is going on a nationwide tour across India and this is the only one of its kind. Get ready for a musical Tamil English stand-up special as he takes you through his wonderland.

#11. Kung Fu Bonda by Baggy

When: 15th

Where: Chennai

Baggy has already toured across India with Round One of this special and even gone abroad (London). He is back for another round and you can read what we thought about it right here.

#12. Fizz Out! by Soda

When: 27th and 28th

Where: Chennai

Sudarsan Ramamurthy, fondly known as 'Soda', is here with his one-hour special. This is his first solo show and there will be guaranteed laughs. You might also come to know the reason why he is called by his nickname.

#13. Honestly Speaking by Amit Tandon

When: 28th

Where: Chennai

Amit Tandon is honest and funny in this stand-up special. You can read how much we enjoyed this one right here.

#14. 36 Vayadhinile by Praveen Kumar

When: 7th

Where: Hyderabad

Praveen Kumar brings to you a completely Tamizh stand-up show which is going to be about being stuck in your 30s.

Which stand-up special are you looking forward to? Tell us in comments below and don't forget to share.