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14 Stand-Up Specials You Should Not Miss in September

 The next step for any stand-up comedian who has done a bunch of collaboration shows is having their own stand-up special. Many of these stand-up specials sometimes also make it to the digital platforms like Amazon Prime or Netflix. But these comedians do not discontinue live shows and go on city-wide or nation wide shows to spread the laughter. Every month there are some new stand-up specials while there are some which recur on popular demand. Even September has some stand-up specials you absolutely cannot miss. The first weekend of the month is already over and to make sure you don't miss more of them, you can take a look at our list below.

Wait There's Mor by Anshu Mor
When: 8th September
Where: Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir, Mumbai.

Anshu Mor is smart, funny and he has a completely different take on urban life. This is his second stand-up special and you can expect more of Mor.

Alex in Wonderland by Alexander Babu
When: 9th September – 8th October
Where: Multiple venues.

Alexander Babu is going on a nationwide tour across India and this is the only one of its kind. Get ready for a musical Tamil English stand-up special as he takes you through his wonderland.

What do you think you are doing? by Sundeep Sharma
When: 9th September
Where: Canvas Laugh Club, Mumbai.

Sundeep Sharma takes you through the current political and social scenario in his typical North Indian accent and his jokes always have a desi flair you don't want to miss.

Kung Fu Bonda by Baggy
When: 10th September – 15th October
Where: Canvas Laugh Club, Gurgaon.

Baggy has already toured across India with round one of this special and even abroad (London). He is back for another round and you can read what we thought about it right here.

Don't. by Vaibhav Sethia
When: 14th September.
Where: Kismet, The Park: Hyderabad.

Can someone's bookmark moments of life become jokes? Vaibhav Sethia's do and they are hilarious. You know he is one of us when he says that he likes his bed more than anything else in the world.

Thoda Saaf Bol by Abhishek Upmanyu
When: 16th September.
Where: Opus Banquets, Pune
One of the biggest names in Hindi stand-up comedy. Abhishek Upmanyu is all set to entertain the audience in Pune. Read what we thought of the special here.

Take it Easy by Anirban Dasgupta
When: 16th September.
Where: The Habitat, Mumbai.

This is Anirban's second 
stand-up special where he will be talking about love and hate in the time of the internet. While trying to get over the events of the past year, he decided he rather make jokes about them.

Laugh with an Engineer 2.0 by Appurv Gupta
When: 16th September
Where: Canvas Laugh Club, Gurgaon.

Appurv Gupta is an engineer like most of the stand-up comics but his choice of language is Hindi. This is his third 
stand-up special, which we thought was killer.

People are Stupid by Rajneesh Kapoor
When: 16th and 17th September
Where: Multiple Venues.

Rajneesh comes off as one of the elite and he will be the last person you can expect trying to make people laugh. His comedy is clean with a unique perspective on everyday things.

Tu Toh Chup Hi Re by Jaspreet Singh
When: 17th September.
Where: The Habitat, Mumbai.

When a guy who is allergic to stupid people starts doing comedy you know you can expect something epic. You are sure to say at the end 'Banda
toh sahi hai yaar!'.

The Boarding Das Tour by Vir Das
When: 29th September onwards.
Where: Multiple Venues.

This is Vir Das' first stand-up special after his Netflix special and he is touring around Mumbai with this one. Get on board with this stand-up specials as it will be a hilarious ride.

The Honest Comedian by Nishant Tanwar
When: 22nd September
Where: Canvas Laugh Club, Gurgaon.

If you don't know much about this comedian, you can always Google him and once you do, you can go watch his stand-up special immediately.

Childish Behavior by Sahil Shah
When: 23rd September
Where: Lok Kala Manch: New Delhi.

One of the members of EIC, Sahil Shah is a quintessential fanboy (of Doctor Who at least). He talks about his 'childish behavior' traits at the special.

Blood Chutney by Karthik Kumar
When: 30th September
Where: Canvas Laugh Club, Mumbai.

After two successful stand-up specials, Karthik Kumar is back with another special titled Blood Chutney.

Isn't your schedule set for the month? Tell us which ones you would like to attend in the comments below and don't forget to share.