Anshu Mor is well into his 40s, which means he has a wealth of material to draw on. He’s married, has a kid and was a corporate slave for 18 years. Mor ploughs his experiences into his stand-up special Just A Bad Guy, which we watched at The Habitat. He spoke about life in his 40s and the charms of wealthy people. Here’s what you can expect from the show.

He’s quite fond of rich folks

Mor loves rich people, but only if they behave like rich people and not “chindi chors”. He tells us why he thinks there is nothing wrong with nepotism in Bollywood, and talks about the time he met Mukesh Ambani at a party.

Sometimes he has weird thoughts

Random thoughts frequently pop into Mor’s head. For example, imagining a situation in which dogs can talk, and wondering why everyone suffers from a phenomenon he calls “collective dumbness” at airports. He also shares a hilarious prank that he loves to play at airports.

He’s 47 and wants you to know it

Mor often reminded us that he is 47. It’s an age at which he finds himself getting angry at the most trivial things, doesn’t enjoy watching porn, and hates looking at young people who are full of energy. He has a piece of advice for everyone approaching 40.

Kids are painful

When Mor’s teenage son moved out of the house to study in another city, he felt he’d done enough parenting for this lifetime. He talks about why he doesn’t like kids anymore, particularly a four-year-old living in his apartment complex. He tells us why he finds new parents cute, holds forth on the importance of giving one’s kids a taste of the real world and indulges the audience in a hilarious story from his childhood involving his older brother and some plums.

The ‘F’ word

In Mor’s book, F is for feminism. Against the advice of fellow comedians and friends, he offers his view on the subject. For instance, Mor doesn’t understand why women want to be equal to men, when they are much superior in the first place. He admits then men don’t get feminism, and imagines a day when true equality is finally achieved on earth.

Catch Just A Bad Guy by Anshu Mor in Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad this February.

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