Bengaluru Is All About Humour: Presenting Some Of The Best Comedy Clubs To Visit

Happen to be in Bengaluru or are planning to visit Bengaluru? Then you are in great luck! Bengaluru is the epicenter of all the great stuff that seems to be happening in the country. And comedy seems to be no exception. With so much happening, the logical thing to do is to make good use of the opportunity and watch some stand-ups! But you must be wondering what’s really on the plate, so we will give you a taste of the things that you can experience in Bengaluru.

Evam Presents Rant of the Pant by Sorabh Pant
This one is bound to be funny. But just funny would be kind of an understatement. We are talking about Sorabh Pant, and he is funny and everyone is well aware of that. But it’s hilarious when he is on a rant. The whole point of Sorabh Pant being on a rant is that he has something witty and funny to say about all that can be said and it only gets funnier when he's angry. So when you are watching him rant, be warned it is going to be darn funny.

The Infamous Five Stand Up Comedy Night @Klinx
Talking about funny, the Comedy Nights at Klinx is back with more. This is your opportunity to laugh your way to the weekend and we mean literally. So, be ready to be a part of the stand-up comedy show that is brought to you by the very Infamous Five.

Evam Presents The Yogi & The Bear
The Bengaluru Laughter Carnival is an improvisational comedy show and this is where you are given a chance to make full use of the situation you are in. With professional improvisers enacting it out on the spot, it is bound to be one of the funniest shows that you will find yourself in.

Monday Funnies – Comedy Mixtape
So what we have is a Bangalore Comedy Club and Murphy's Brewhouse together and they are bringing you an evening that is full of sinful stand-up comedy and it will be filled with one of the best stand-up comedians in India. It is the IT Guy, Sanjay Mankatala that we are talking about. You will also have Aditya Shridhar, who happens to be a doctor by day and a comedian by night, joining the team. Seems interesting? Well, there is more to this and if you are interested then you better get the tickets!

So there you have it, and you know you want the tickets to these. Where to get them? Just head to our website, plain and simple. And in the meantime, if you want to check out more of what all events are happening in the amazing city of Bengaluru, then all you need to do is be on our website.



Written By: Ankkit Singh