Top Four Mumbai Destinations for a Hearty Laugh Riot!

A hearty laugh is good for health and the best way to unwind after a long, hectic day! And Mumbaikars, there's no dearth of places around you which guarantee a laugh riot any time of the day! In fact when it comes to stand-up comedy , Mumbai has a big appetite to consume this form of entertainment. And let's admit it, we would rather go for a stand-up comedy show or an open mic event than waste money on a mindless Bollywood film!

Here we give you Four Best Comedy Clubs in Mumbai, where you can go and have a hearty laugh any time of the day!

1. Canvas Laugh Club

When it comes to comedy, the best place in Mumbai has to be The Canvas Laugh Club. It's a dream destination for any stand-up comedian to perform at. If a comedian is having a show at The CLC, be rest assured that you’re going to have one hell of a time. The club is committed to bring the best in stand-up comedy each night. It's a platform best known for sparkling wit, laugh riots and comic timing!

2. Hard Rock Cafe: Worli

Essentially a music performance place, Hard Rock Cafe hosts some of the most hilarious stand-up acts in the city. Comedy is served here by the best of comedians in the country with a dose of live music.

3. The Barking Deer: Lower Parel

The Barking Deer is Mumbai's first microbrewery and is known for hosting the grooviest and the funniest events in Mumbai that include the famous comedy series, Chalta Hai comedy Specials. What attracts people to this venue are its comedy shows combining with the amazing house brewed beer. It is one of the best places to witness comedy in the making and house brews in the serving.

4. The Cuckoo Club: Bandra

Cuckoo Club by HIVE in Bandra is a venue that hosts a range of events, from contemporary arts exhibitions to workshops, music performances to stand-up comedy acts and literary fests to theatre.

It is known as Mumbai's newest Cultural venue. It regularly hosts open mics to give newbie comics a chance to showcase their talent.

If you have one of those horrible days at work and are having a hard time finding a place to unwind from all your work stress, you know where to head towards!