According to Sarang Sathaye, a Bachelor’s degree in commerce is so useless, it should just be handed out gratis, along with a birth certificate. He should know. Sathaye studied commerce but went in the opposite direction in his career. He’s an actor, writer, director and, most recently, stand-up comedian. Commerce has such a bad rap that this is one joke that always makes audiences laugh.

In this instalment of Centrestage, BookMyShow’s series on videos on performers, Sathaye tells us about his various interests, BhaDiPa, the company he founded that produces Marathi digital content and organises stand-up comedy shows, and why self-deprecating humour never fails to get laughs.

BhaDiPa’s next show is Secret Marathi Stand-up on Saturday, August 31 at 8pm at Spade Comedy Club in Pune.