Comedy has become the in thing and it is only growing, both the circuit and the fan base. People are exploring this genre like nobody’s business and why not, happiness is the need of the hour. With the increasing demand for comedy, the comedians and producers are coming up with different ideas and formats where the theme kind of remains the same yet the comedians keep changing.

They have new comedians, they have veterans and the popular ones you like the most, with all the variety the only this common with every format is the fun. Check them out:

1. FemaPalooza

In a circuit that is currently dominated by men, FemaPalooza is a unique show only for women, performed only by women. An array of female comedians, some of them are first-timers and some of them you know very well. In all this to and fro, laughter remains constant.

2. A Dash Of Improv

Unlike the name suggests this show is actually all about improv. They improvise a scene/skit on the spot with suggestions from the audience, so every show you see by the team is unique and will never be repeated. They sometimes ask the audience members to join in as well, so there’s a chance for you to explore the comedian in you as well.

3. Bakes, Cakes and Jokes

It is funny how the name of a show tells everything about the format. So in Bakes, Cakes, and Jokes, there are three comedians who crack jokes for you trying to make you laugh while you munch on some baked food, cakes, and drinks at a super cool cafe. The comedians change but the food is always delicious.

4. 30 Not Out

A trio of comedians in their 30s talking about stuff that most people in their 30s relate to. A comedy special especially for the people in their 30s or people preparing for their 30s. See, how 30 specific this show is? To know more you can read about our experience of 30 Not Out here.

5. Best in Stand-Up

As the name suggests, CLC searches the entire country to give you the best and funniest line-up of comedians. Two or three comedians perform every evening and the line-up keeps changing. Sometimes the line-up changes just before the show so they have permanently put an apology in their show synopsis. Talk about being professional.

6. Come

Short for Comedy Open Mic Evening, this format is about first-timers, comedians you have never seen before. On an average, eight newcomers come and try their material and a host who warms you up before you be a part of someone’s first-time.

7. Bro Joke Suna

A Chalta Hai Comedy initiative, this show brings together comedians where they, as the name suggests – tell you jokes. They generally get two comedians together but then there’s no limit per se. Also, do not go by the name they also have female comedians performing.

This is not the end of the list, you just have to go to our website and look under the comedy section to find a dozen more. Have a nice life, bye.