This article was first published in DeadAnt, an online publication and new-media venture focused on stand-up comedy in India.

In addition to the ‘Best Male Lead’, Adam Sandler should also have been nominated for the ‘Best Speech’ award at the Independent Spirit Awards

“I have tried to sell my truths with a truly independent spirit while also cashing some truly disturbingly large paycheques.”

Rebel Wilson blew up the BAFTAs

“I don’t think I could do what they could do, honestly, I just don’t have the balls.” Rebel Wilson won a BAFTA while holding one up against her nose and landing the perfect pun in her presentation speech. Could she have been a choice for hosting the Academy Awards? No chance.

Ricky Gervais is never being invited back to the Golden Globes

“Remember, they’re all just jokes. We’re gonna die soon and there’s no sequel.” Ricky Gervais warned the audience before he began mercilessly slicing into everyone there. He threw so much shade at the awards last year, that the Oscars in January this year didn’t have a host.

Brad Pitt isn’t on Tinder, but he was at the SAG Awards

There was, in fact, more to Brad Pitt’s appearance at the SAG awards than just the viral photo of him holding on to Jennifer Aniston’s hand while she walked away. Pitt’s speech was all about the acceptance of his award and his past, both done hilariously when he summarised his role as “the guy who gets high, takes his shirt off and doesn’t get off with his wife.”

Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph‘s audition tape at the Oscars 2020

“There are a lot of directors here tonight, and we just wanted them to know we do more than comedy…”