5 Places in Chennai Where Comedy Comes Easy

Thanks to the funny guys from Chennai, stand-up culture sets in on the city. Drawing from their South Indian identities, their stand up comedians make the audience open up and willing to laugh at themselves. With the growing audience for stand up comedy, a number of places have cropped up in the city where the best comedians from the country set the mood for laughter.

Here are five best comedy clubs in Chennai where comedy comes easy:


Backyard is the newest spot in the city for artists of all kind. Off late, the venue has become one of the favorite spots for stand up comedians. With their cozy and comfortable hospitality and ambiance, laughter works as the best medicine here. Next week on April 15th, comedians like Priyanshu Mishra, Sudarsan Ramamurthy, Chinmoy Rajurkar, Ajeet Singh and Krithin Kumar are coming to Backyard for a show called Laugh Off.

Museum Theatre

Museum Theatre is one of the oldest structures in Chennai that serviced the strong-minded theatre scene in the city. This theatre has staged thousands of plays so far. Several stand-up acts by renowned comedians have also been staged here. Two upcoming comedy events that you should not miss here are Rant of Pant by Sorabh Pant and Karthik Kumar's Second Decoction.

Blend Taj Club House

Blend is one of the coolest places in Chennai to hang out. The place is a perfect blend of both, the ambience, and the unique offerings. Along with playing unique music, the place also hosts some of the best comedians from the country. This weekend, get ready for an evening of insane humor as AlexanderBabu and Bhargav Ramakrishnan narrate their funny tales and tickle your funny bones.

Wandering Artists

Wandering Artists is an artistic hub that gives opportunities to like-minded creative people to learn, collaborate and come together. The place is known for hosting stand-up comedy acts as well. This Sunday, Bhargav Ramakrishnan, Arnav Rao, Sneha Suhas and Mervyn Rozario are making their way to Wandering Artists to give an afternoon of kick-ass comedy.

Hotel Savera

Three comedy events lined up at Hotel Savera this month that will make you laugh out loud are ComedyKilladees, a Tamil stand-up night featuring Alexander Babu and Praveen Kumar, Silly Point, India's First Cricket Based Comedy Show featuring Rohit Swain and Hriday Ranjan, and The Yogi And The Bear, featuring Bhargav Ramakrishnan and Alexander Babu.