He’s cute, he’s hilarious, and he’s gay. Navin Noronha excels at two things – making people laugh and leaving the stage with a handful of phone numbers. His comedy mostly revolves around his experiences from growing up in a Catholic family in suburban Mumbai while being “as gay as one could imagine”.

The act:

Walking onto the stage with pride and confidence in his eyes, Navin Quickly embraced his sexuality, confided in the audience, and told the guys not to worry about their wives or girlfriends leaving them for him. Huge relief for the guys, TBH! He speaks about the difficulties of growing up in a Catholic family where being gay is considered to be a sin.

Speaking about religion, Navin is quite happy about going to hell for his sins, considering the fact that hell is going to be a paradise for him because of all the action he will be getting there. He takes quick digs at Baba Ramdev and makes observations about religions.

His character will make you laugh, his journey of getting out of the closet will surely make you tear up but most importantly you will have a great time. His content is largely in English but he transitions between English and Hindi for a wholesome experience. His delivery and transition from one joke to another is seamless and his overflowing energy is contagious. You will surely succumb to it and burst out in laughter.


The event was held at That Comedy Club at Sherlock’s Pub, Koramangala, which is the center of art and culture in Bangalore. The event was well organized and the audience were ushered to their seats with no hint of hassle or confusion. Food and drinks were served right at our seats, which was a good thing and got the audience spirits lifted and made them engage in an active participation.

The focus of this event has always been in promoting new and upcoming artists be it music, stand-up or even drama. That Comedy Club has a line-up of comedians with juicy material, who will be performing every weekend. Make sure you book your tickets here for a fun weekend.

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