While stand-up comedy is flourishing all over the country, it is also becoming an aspirational career. We have seen many famous comedians leave their day jobs to pursue comedy and even make it big in the business. Their success stories have made people from every walk of life take up comedy or at least start with small stand-up acts. But humor is a gift not given to everyone. While jokes are funny, stand-up takes a lot more than that. It needs a certain body language, enthusiasm, observational and storytelling skills, and a lot of practice.

While famous names like Zakir Khan, Kanan Gill, and Biswa Kalyan Rath remain eternal, let's check out some little-known gems, who are just on the right track with the perfect sense of humor. 

1. Shaurya Tyagi

Little Known Comedians - BookMyShow

An actor, writer, and comedian, Shaurya is really fond of his name. He likes to observe people like every other comedian and has an MBA degree, like every other Indian. His humor, however, differentiates him from everyone and will probably be the second reason he might get a marriage proposal (the first being his MBA degree).

2. Samay Raina

Little Known Comedians - BookMyShow

With some irresistibly funny jokes, Samay oozes laughing gas (this is metaphorical). His jokes range from him being a very secular Kashmiri Pandit and his locations changing more times than that of Vijay Mallya. He was born in Jammu, and studied in Hyderabad, from where he moved to Delhi, and currently lives in Pune. He is hilarious and his idiosyncratic style of delivery makes him even funnier.

3. Masoom Rajwani

Little Known Comedians - BookMyShow

One of the youngest comedians in the scene, Masoom is innocent just by his name. His jokes revolve around things that normal people consider messed up (especially for a kid his age) but when has that stopped any comedian from making jokes? He is no different. 

4. Rahul Dua

With a knack for eating nachos while people talk about news and politics, Rahul comes from Punjab but claims to have left it before it started to 'fly'. He likes to give life lessons but because of the absence of drugs and presence of some loser friends, stand-up comedy happened to him. He is a typical middle-class person whose interest ranges from mango shake and Harlem Shake.

5. Raunaq Rajani

Raunaq is a vegetarian and he enjoys joking about it. He hails from a conservative family, which makes his jokes relevant to almost every Indian. A purebred Bombayite, Raunaq comes with some honest observations and sarcasm that you should definitely give a try.

6. Amogh Ranadive

A comedian and a writer, Amogh has been in the world for 28 years now. He is a Maharashtrian and his hobbies include gulping down vada pavs. JK, he actually hates them as they give him acidity. He is a regular at the Canvas Laugh Club and keeps entertaining people with the Best in Stand-up.

7. Gaurav Kapoor

A name that is often confused with that of some Bollywood celebrity, Gaurav appears as a boy from Delhi, but is actually a full grown man. He has won every open mic competition there is and even opened for Russel Brand on his India tour. His favorite jokes revolve around jaats, Royal Enfields, and poverty.

There are many more such gems getting introduced every day at an open mic somewhere, or well, in any Canvas Laugh Club near you. So get ready for a force that is gearing up to make you fall off your chair, laughing. Till then, keep checking BookMyShow for all updates of the best comedy shows happening around you!

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