If laughter is considered the best medicine then Abijit Ganguly is certainly one of the best doctors out there for you! With the humor and the liveliness of an excited prepubescent teenager in a body of a man in his early thirties, his jokes tend to resonate well with the audience of all groups and evoke a sense a nostalgia.

Abijit, was born in Bangalore and raised in Delhi, coming from a middle-class family he worked his way up by earning an economics degree and later worked in the corporate world. With a solid corporate and educational background, he reaches out to a broad spectrum of audience who can never get enough of jokes and leaves them wanting for more!

His content is bilingual and his transition between Hindi and English is seamless. The frequent inclusion of anecdotes combined with his ever-so-present humor will keep you chuckling in your seats and eventually, make you fall off. The essence of his jokes are very contrasting ranging from daily activities, politics, relationships, work, sex (you know it)  etc.

Being an energetic performer, no stage would seem big enough for Abijit. It’s not only his jokes that keep you entertained, but also his facial expression accompanied with his hilarious hand gestures and his enactment of different personalities keep you laughing for the entirety of the show. The incorporation of his audience’s experiences to his Jokes makes it relatable to everyone present in the show.

Having a hard day? Then Abijit Ganguly is the man to lighten your mood and trust us – he will not disappoint you! Every comedy event has that one over excited person who seems to laugh so loud without a care for the world, you could be that person. The show has a duration of one hour that might overwhelm you at first but he leaves you craving more!

Abijit Ganguly is a fast-growing artist gaining a lot of attention on YouTube and other social media. You can get a glimpse of his humor on his YouTube channel where he uploads teasers of his live shows. And if you feel that’s not enough then you can watch him perform live and book your tickets here.

P.S If you are an extrovert, make sure you occupy the front rows because Abijit will certainly put you in the spotlight! 

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-By Ajay Alford Daniel